Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Student Organization -More Searching and an Alternative to One Note

I have been really working on trying to find an online calendar for my teen. I had been looking at many of the sites I had posted about and none of them seem to be a fit for us. My attempt is to help my teen become even more independent by setting up an online assignment calendar that acts as both a to-do list and also a syllabus. ( example above)
I really like Google Calendar and am trying to see just how my son can check off or mark something as being completed. I have not exactly figured that out yet, but have learned that daily he can go in and type in his tasks on his task list (right side of the calendar) and as he does them he can click on the arrow and it will cross out that item as having been completed. I also like that if he does not get something done he can drag it to the next day. So this keeps him much more on top of assignments.  
Update: * it would appear that I may be able to actually be able to check off tasks as long as they are in an All Day Event for the task list. See this write up here for more information, I definitely plan on trying this out*

The two closest tools I have found that will work as close to what I need are Google Calendar and also School Binders

I really like Schoolbinder also and am going to be sort of testing this one out as well. It gives a bit more flexibility for certain things like maybe files and bookmarks, but I am not exactly sure this will be needed since OneNote meets our needs for those things as this point. I did, actually look at having a calendar inserted into his OneNote, but it would not be able to do what I wanted it to do so I decided against this.

In looking through all these sites I actually found something new I wanted to share with my readers, perhaps you have heard of it? Google Notebook This is an online, free tool by Google where you can add notes/information from a website or anywhere and share the information and set up notebooks for that information.  For those who do not have One Note or are more comfortable using Google products this might be a real gem! So I thought I might share. You can find Google Notebooks by googling "google notebooks". 

I really hope to have this firmed up by the end of the week and I hope some may find this extra information a bit helpful in considering online student organization as well. 

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Anonymous said...

FYI: Schoolbinder has iCal subscriptions. You can import that into any calendar you wish.

Thanks for the mention.


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