Sunday, November 21, 2010

Reading the Bible and Our Catholic Faith Learning

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I wanted to share this blog post by Jimmie- I had never seen a list like this so I wanted to be sure to share this with my readers.
Jimmie recently blogged "Get a Head Start on Bible Reading". I really loved this and plan on doing this with the boys. I really think this will be a great Advent and Lenten Activity for them.  The checklist is not specific to our Catholic Bible, so will use this list I found. It will make it  much easier to continue with. There are also two other great resources found on Jimmies blog post as well.

We are a Roman Catholic family and in our Catholic teachings, I have found a few things to help us as well.

I had found online the Virtual Rosary- an online download where it walks your through the Rosary - great for teaching children to pray the Rosary and it is a free download.

Here is a site, USCCB that provides (see bottom under "BCL Documents") a downloadable list of our Liturgical Calendar 20xx that you can print out and use throughout the year.

St. Anne's Helper: Roman Catholic Catechism for Catholic Eucharist and Confirmation is a great site for freebies, resources and information.

American Catholic.Org is another great site and we subscribe to the Saint of the Day and Minute Meditations as well. Look over to the left under E-newsletters and you will be able to see a list of newsletters you can subscribe to.

Here is an online forum for sharing the Catholic Faith. Faith and Family Connect.

Over at The Word Among Us you can print out monthly Mass Reading Calendar to keep on your refrigerator if you would like.  (look to the right hand side of site)

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Jen @ Forever, For Always... said...

These are great resources, thanks for posting! I love St Anne's Helper. I downloaded the First Holy Communion information and loaded it on to my 7yo's mp3 so he can listen to bits and pieces of our faith along with his music :)

Learners at Home said...

Jen, I am SO glad you found this information helpful! What a wonderful idea, I have MP3's on my boys Christmas lists.. !


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