Monday, November 1, 2010

My Twice Exceptional Learners-

An article; Twice Exceptional Kids from Parents Guide News

"Exceptional because they are gifted & exceptional because they learn differently"

I found this article this morning and I really thought it explained in further depth about children who are twice exceptional. My boys are both twice exceptional. They are both doing wonderful at this point and time in their schooling.
I really feel that this quote from the article really sums things up for me and is so very true; "  Parents are also encouraged to advocate for strength and evidence based, as well as dually differentiated, educational opportunities for their remarkable children." Kimberly Busi

I have yet to find any professionals that are specifically trained in 2e children, but I have found that teaching through their strengths rather than weaknesses and working in a differentiated manner really has played a key role in how my boys learn and process and excel in their learning at home.

It isn't always easy (and can tire me out actually, lol) but always stretching things further using various resources in a multi-sensory way can really pay off when working with these kinds of learners.

There are many more articles to read at Parent Guide News so I thought I would share this with my readers.

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