Monday, November 22, 2010

Middle Math Learning- Working with Ratios, Proportions and Percents

This morning we worked more on  the concept of Fractions this morning and I also decided to go over a "trouble spot" for my middle aged learner which was on Ratios and Proportions.  I found this great video which we worked with this morning and wanted to share.

It is a video tutorial from Nutshell Math- on Ratios, Proportions and Percents.  My son took notes and we zoomed through a few other examples for practicing these concepts. It went very well and just shows how much of a visual learner he tends to be.
I think the hardest part (for me) is seeing how when he gets something (much quicker than Mrs. Griffin can explain it) things (for me ) get jumbled, but as long as he "gets it" that is all that matters. ( you get that "walking the tightrope feeling again as I have explained many times before, but I think this is when you know your teaching them to their strengths and not your own)

He seems much more involved as before we were working only fractions but as I explained the role they play and showed him how it connects to ratios/proportions and percentages, he seems so much more interested and eager.  Where some learners might be overwhelmed or quickly intimidated by seeing an "x" or 2x in their math he really sees no problem at all. :)

Here are a few more math tutorials I found for Pre-Algebra from MathTutorDVD.
I think this kind of challenge and interest in his learning plays a big role in his frustration with particular programs.  I always find I have to s-t-r-e-t-c-h things with him - and for me this can be quite challenging, but I am up for the challenge!

Happy Math Learning~

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