Thursday, November 4, 2010

Learning Latin-

We were heading to the groccery store today to do our weekly shopping and started talking about our studies and the topic of learning a foreign language came into the conversation. I mentioned learning French and that we have a DVD set all ready to go~ but my teen had another idea and said he really thought it would be cool to learn Latin.

I actually thought this might very well be a great time to do this as well and couldn't agree more. Before looking at all the pricey programs/workbooks/texts out there for learning Latin I decided to search for some free resources to get us started and make sure this is what he wants and will go well before spending all that money.

I was really surprised to have found the things I did.  Here is some of the resources I am planning on using to study Latin:

Latin Texkit is the first link resource will will be starting with. It has downloadable, free PDF texts for learning Latin. Latin for Beginners is the first book download we will start. I uploaded this into our Dropbox  so all he can work of of this on all our computers if needed without printing out the whole book.

The first book I plan on starting with is the Latin for Beginners Key By Benjamin L. Ooge.
I found a google books format as well on this particular text here. 

Along with this resource I found Beginners Latin Tutorial also which we can use for learning and practice. 

Here is an online text he can work from called Easy Latin Stories for beginners which I think will be perfect for practice.  I was really excited to have found this resource as well.

Other resources I have found:
Latinum-free online Latin Audio Course and the website here

Here is a list from Open Culture which lists many different free foreign language lesson.

I would love to hear of any other free online sites for learning Latin if anyone has any to share. 

If things go well we can just keep going or I can consider purchasing something from Memoria Press called Prima Latina but need to be sure they have an older age level version for him to work from. We may not even need it but have this to look back at just in case.

I never really thought I would be able to find some thing like this that is free so I was pretty pleased this worked out the way that it did.  He is really excited to start~ he seems to have taken an interest in Linguistics lately, it seems he is following in his older brothers footsteps... :)

If I see he really dives into this I may actually pick up Ellen McHenry's unit entitled; " Excavating English"   He is the kind of kiddo that really gets into this kind of thing so this may be in our future. ~

You can find out more about this and what the unit study covers by downloading the sample. It looks really good.

Happy Language Learning!

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