Thursday, October 21, 2010

Working with their Strengths/Passions- science learning

I have to say, today was a real WOW day. We are working through this Ellen McHenry's  Introduction to Neurology Unit and my son has taken this to a whole other level.

I really had a "wow moment" this morning. We had worked for over about two hours on several chapters in his unit study and I have to step back and just kind of reflect on if he really would be learning all these things and have the freedom to explore deeper and further things that were specific to this unit if he were not learning it from home, for example SRI's and more on toxins and such and how they affect the brain. I would doubt it very much and so does he... :)

For him this kind of information is like "brain candy" to him. He aspires to be a Neuro-Surgeon so I allowed him to work this unit before starting other things I outlined for his science learning for the year. I thought it was too important to let this passion go to the side at this point.

I am glad I decided to work on this first with him. He does written narration in his OneNote and then pulls graphics and definition of further in-depth information from sources on the internet. He really cannot seem to get enough.

Right now he is happily coloring a brain cell diagram where he colors all the neurons, astrocytes, oligodendrocytes, microglia and cerebrospinal fluid. ~ I think I need to look further and pick him up some of these coloring books here are some I found:

Biology Coloring Book
Microbiology Coloring Book
Anatomy Coloring Book
Zoology Coloring Book
Botany Coloring Book
Marine Biology Coloring Book
Anatomy and Physiology Flash Cards

I believe there are more also. What a great visual way to learn these things. My son is very visual so this kind of activity is very helpful.

I am completely convinced that textbooks are way behind us and how real learning happens without the textbooks and random information pushed upon us.  I will be sharing more things we will be using and exploring further later on~

Here are a few more things I am considering:

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