Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A New Toy- vozMe AND Revamping Things a Bit

A friend of mine posted an article called " Question- To What Lengths Will You Go To Teach Your Child"?    this title made me very curious.
My friend used this to teach sentence structure and paragraph writing~ here is a blog post about it from Homeschooling, Chronic Illnesses and Other Daily Events - Living a Special Needs Life.

After reading over her article about using vozME, I decided to try it out and play with it. As I was doing so my youngest came walking by and saw what I was doing.  He was instantly intrigued~ it was really funny. He asked what this was for and I explained that you can type in anything you want, a poem, a story a sentence and it will play it back to you and you can hear it. OH he loved that ! He made up a few sentences and then loved it even more. He went running into our school room looking for his old stories he had written from IEW. We had to both pull those out and I typed up a few in this and he really enjoyed this. 

As he was looking through his work, he would comment on how something could be better or rather, "My work is much better now Mum".  I told him if he wanted, we could use this for his writing if he was interested.  ( my thinking was hey, if this gets him motivated to write, why not?) It also helps with teaching typing also~ he kept digging through his work making comments and I think he was actually surprised at just how good his work sounded and was! :)

Now the revamping part~ 
After a long discussion this afternoon, we both agreed that it would be fun to do a writers workshop with IEW.  We had planned on him taking October and November as his time for more delight directed learning~ ( unschooling whichever your more comfortable with) and now this does change things just a bit, but yet, on a second thought it is an interest and he loves writing so why not?  We decided November will be his Writing Workshop along while still doing reading practice and one daily math lesson.

I ended up having to pull all my IEW materials back out since we thought it best to start right from the beginning and work right through.  I am really looking forward to it and so is he.  We may need to let a few of the things we planned go for a bit but I think this will be very worth it.

He is my story writer, he loves writing. Problem is, he is the kiddo that will take something and make it into like 5 chapters! So you have to tone it down for him but it isn't easy! :)  I will be sure to share some of the things he does and post them as we do them for November. I like the idea since we will be working one on one, I found IEW harder to work with different levels of children when we did it together, I will be much more comfortable working the program this way. 

So, out of playing with a simple tool on the computer comes a whole revamping of a month already planned!  As I always say, we have to be flexible, it has many benefits~  

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