Thursday, October 21, 2010

My son's Hero~

My son,  for his delight directed learning for next month,  explained he wanted to know all he could about his hero. Who is his hero? Thomas Edison.

Did you know that Thomas Edison was a Dyslexic and that he struggled terribly while in school. His teacher at age 6 wrote a note to his parents explained he was too stupid to learn.  We will be reading The Childhood of Thomas Edison and also working BFIAR ( Beyond Five in a Row ) while also working on a lapbook as well.

Dyslexics are not stupid people. Many are very gifted often twice exceptional. Many do have difficulty learning to read and/or write.  Many can read very well yet often struggle with spelling and speaking. Dyslexics CAN learn to read and they can learn to write they just need to learn differently.

Here is some more famous Dyslexics.

an extended Dyslexia resource: a write up and free download of the book entitled " The Dyslexics Guide to Academic Achievement".


Maureen said...

Great inspirational post! I knew Edison had troubles in school, but didn't know he was dyslexic. We're going to be reading a biography about him for science this year. I hope that it covers that information. If it doesn't, I'll find a supplement. Gohan would be excited to learn that as he wants to be a scientist/inventor.

Learners at Home said...

Maureen~ :) glad you found this inspirational~ here is a link for some visuals of Thomas Edison National Park your son might really like:



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