Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Middle School Learning- Another Great Resource

I have mentioned before how I really attempt to limit how many shortcut icons I add to my desktop~ but this one I found for my teen to add to "his" desktop.  I have sort of found that there is alot of information out there for Elementary and Highschool but often when we are looking for something that is more geared to middle learning we always end up short, so when I find something like this I always like to share.
Virtual Middle School Library has a plethora of information, I found this site before but never really looked too closely at it, but took a bit of time this morning to check it out and found it to be a great resource for many areas of study.
Be sure and check it out when you have a chance, it would take too much time to go into all that is here for us and for our middle school aged learner.

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