Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Book for Mom-Easy Homeschooling Companion

I just  heard about this book and became very instantly interested.  This morning I was on my facebook and saw on the Heart of the Matter facebook page, they had a review about a book entitled " Easy Homeschooling Companion" written by author Lorraine Curry.

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I have no idea who Lorraine Curry is, ( I plan to find out more though)  as I read the review and heard Hannah Haggarty's words "How arrogant of us homeschool moms to put so much pressure on our selves for all the responsibility of how our children turn out", ( Hannah's personal blog) this really got my attention. Because I, in many ways have felt this way for quite some time. It was nice to hear someone else say these words I have been thinking for quite some time.

Perhaps it is because of my years as a mother and the experience it has brought having two older boys both now in their twenties, who knows. I just found two things to be very clear for me;  public/private school parents have tons of guilt for not doing enough and not fighting every battle with the schools while many try and juggle, working, school activities, expectations of teachers and trying to keep their family together ( I have been one of those parents) and homeschooling parents put such overwhelming pressure and expectations on themselves and their children it would make an elephant fall over.  ( I have also been one of these parents, my own worst enemy)

I suppose one reason why many of us are so hard on ourselves is because we know the "buck stops with us". We can appreciate and understand that our child's education is in our hands and is up to us and us alone to make sure we get it right, do it right and are successful.

I hope to read this book and perhaps gain a bit more insight from Lorraine Curry. I was intrigued by Hannah's review and was more interested when I read the review from Eclectic Homeschooler. 

I would be very interested if any of our readers have read this book~ please share either here or on our facebook page over at Learners at Home~ 


Suji said...

Ah, now you have made me curious Tracey :) I hope to check out the book. And I really like the new look.

Learners at Home said...

Hello there Suji~ yes I am very interested in this book. ~ funny, if I had not seen Hannah's review I would never had given it a second look.~ and thank you for your kind words about my "new look". I wanted something much more simpler. I thought back of all the different styles I have had for Learners at Home and it is interesting because it almost depicts our evolving ( moving to more simplistic ways) through our journey in homeschooling~ lol :)

Diane said...

I have been reading for a while but not commenting that much. Enjoying your posts. I have a giveaway this week that you might be interested in. Come by and take a peek if you are interested.

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