Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Reading through History~

As I had mentioned before we have been on a journey of relieving ourselves from textbooks and boxed curriculum. I am certainly finding that reading through our history can be quite successful and the boys seem to be happily learning and retaining more information than they ever would have retained if reading from a textbook or following a program.   I wanted to share another two book series we just started on~

Since we are working not on the American Revolution ~ 
I found this one on my bookshelf: The Secret Soldier by Ann McGovern : The Story of Deborah Sampson.

I looked further and there is a whole series of these Scholastic Biography books for children. You can find more titles on Amazon and also other used book providers.

Here is a biography book report graphic organizer I found that may be helpful when trying to start your first biography report.

We also started reading for our Literature reading "Meet George Washington" by Joan Heilbroner from Landmark Books. Another great series that I have added to my history page here at Learners at Home.

My youngest sat down and read four chapters to me and is enjoying it very much. 
Here is a link to a website that lists more the books in the series. Looking a bit closer at this website by Random House there is also teacher guides or activities that can be used for the books.
I also found this other site which lists books for Landmark as well. 

I plan on getting a bunch more of these as we go along and just thought I would share with all of you ~

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