Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More help for planning & working with EverNote~

I admit I had gotten a bit sidetracked this afternoon after our studies. I had learned about this new tool from over at an email loop I am on for science.
You might recall I had been talking about Microsoft OneNote and how wonderful it is and for us it is just a perfect fit for my teen to use for all of his school work. We use it for all his writing, including written narrations~ we add graphs, cite web pages etc.. it is wonderful.

On two of my home computers we are not able to use OneNote since we do not have the software. I really would have like to be able to have OneNote on my other two computers to collaborate their lessons and allow my teen to not have to work only on his laptop but we could not afford at this time to purchase yet more software.
I just recently heard about EverNote, the poster mentioned that this can be used for MAC users as well as Windows so I was very interested. I took this afternoon to play around and check it out.

I ended up downloading it. There is a free version~ and tried adding a few things on here for my much younger learner to see if it might work for him since he uses the desktop we have in our den very often.

I love this! It is quite simple to use it doesn't have as many bells and whistles as OneNote has but you are able to do primarily the same things. You can create Notebooks (without tabs however) for things; cut and paste links, graphics, videos ~ and even use a notebook page to draw freehand and make designs for artwork. It can be downloaded and used on all computers since you create a user name and password to sign in.
I can certainly see my younger son using this and as he become more accustomed he can then begin using OneNote OR just stay right with EverNote and I may look at getting the Premium if he does really like it.

I hope you have a chance to check it out~

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