Thursday, September 16, 2010

A great series from SCM~ and a site for Charlotte Mason users-

As our days become much more surrounded by using more of Charlotte Mason's methods for teaching, I wanted to quickly share a great Language Arts series of articles by Simply Charlotte Mason.  Here are the articles so far~

Article 1, What Exactly is Language Arts?
Article 2, Charlotte Mason's Language Arts Program
Article 3, Literature, Vocabulary & Comprehension

I thought these might be "good reading" for some who may be trying to wrap their heads around some of the ways we do things.  I thought especially the third article really explained it well since we have never used any kind of vocabulary workbooks or programs for reading comprehension.

Another helpful place to learn more about CM methods that are more eclectic and learn how to adapt them to your own style and children is over at Secular Charlotte Mason.  Secular Charlotte Mason brings together an "all inclusive", eclectic spin to CM methods and is a diverse, helpful resource.  They are also on Facebook as well if you care to do a search for them there also.  Be sure and check them out its a wonderful group of ladies.

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