Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fun With The Brain ~ new site

Fun 4 the Brains is a site recently featured in the Freely Educate Newsletter. I spent a bit of time here since I found a few things that I really liked.
This appears to be a new site that is still being built out but I loved some of the games for multiplication because a few were really new to us and I think they will be fun to try out with our youngest, who is still practicing his math facts for multiplication.

I also really liked the Panda Mayhem game for the parts of speech. It was a great way to reinforce these kinds of concepts and so I wanted to share this with my readers just in case you were looking for some different kind of things to use to reinforce skills already learned. Be sure and check it out if you have time.

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Cindy K. said...

Thanks for the website info! My LD son is old enough now that I think doing some actual drill with basic math facts won't stress him out too much, and I can see that he has actually started internalizing much more of his addition facts on his own. So this week, we are adding a daily math fact drill sheet to his math work, trying to keep it light and low-intensity. This site might be good for those days between lessons in his Making Math Meaningful to give him a little fun while still working on those facts skills. I like to add a "different math" kind of day between lessons (lessons usually last from 3-6 days.) This might be one of those things I can use!

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