Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to Studies~ our first day

My view of the rain on our porch with morning coffee.

Today we started officially back with our studies for both boys. Even though the younger child had re-started his schooling back in July, today was the first day back for my teen, who just turned 14 this past month.

We awoke to our first day of studies with it raining outside. It was nice though since we really needed the rain and a welcome site for mum and her lawn~ :) We eased into our morning with the morning news and chatting over some French Toast and how our day was going to look like~  ( I explained on our "off months" our mornings will be similar but will be more of a "morning meeting" to see what my learners plans are for the morning/day and how he planned on spending his time and recording his day)

We began with an overview of how and what his days and weeks might look like over the next four weeks, and also took a laid back approach being the first day and having a few new things I am introducing this year;

*our new schedule of one month on and one month delight directed
*our new/revised pocket folder system that works in correlation with our pocket assignment system
*a couple of new programs
*a few new methods for working our subjects ( consistent efforts with written narration for most subjects,   OneNote use for all subjects) 

Today I introduced Grammar Revolution and it went very well. I purchased the Basic Grammar Course along with the Sentence Diagramming E-book also and today we did a quick lesson video on the 8 parts of speech. Short and sweet, ( which is how I am attempting to keep all his subjects right at this point) afterwards, we went over how to add an entry into his OneNote and write about what he learned. {it was funny because as I was explaining the "why" of writing in his OneNote~ he stopped me and explained that he understood and that it was to help him reinforce what he had just learned}.  He liked the video lesson thus far and we skipped ahead just a smidge and I think it is going to be a GREAT program for him to learn and fully understand all the parts of speech and how they are used in sentences.  ( this has always been a weak area for him so what I decided to do was to use his strength ~ visual/auditorial to help him learn these new concepts) For visual and auditory learners, a great program to check out. I never thought we would be excited or even interested in doing Grammar! Thanks to Maria, my dear friend for bringing up this program to us.


Cindy K. said...

Keep us updated on how this goes!
Doesn't the Basic Package come with a Sentence Diagramming Practice Book? How is the Sentence Diagramming ebook different? Is it instruction instead of practice? It says the first 9 videos cover the 8 parts of speech. Did you do all of these today? What about the Parts of Speech workbook? What are those exercises like? Sorry for all of the questions!

We are using MCT's Language Arts right now, but just in case it becomes too much "Mom time" or they start to dislike it A LOT, this might be a great alternative. Kind of like Grammar Keys that I had researched and was going to use until I decided to work on MCT's LA. If I do switch to a different grammar program, I will again have to research how to teach writing. What are you using for writing? Just informal written narrations and such? I'd probably give Fred Lybrand's "The Writing Course" a try, of which there is a support group now on Yahoo owned by Fred, or use Jump In by Apologia (I know - kind of surprising that I would use a product from them, huh?!) At least Fred Lybrand's course would work well in concert with written narration training a la CM. ;)

Learners at Home said...

Hello there Cindy~ I will certainly keep you updated :) I purchased the Basic Grammar Course and with that you receive the video lectures and the pdf workbook to print out to go along with the videos and also the Sentence Diagramming Book does come with the Basic Grammar Course.
There is another Sentence Diagramming E Book that is separate and I purchased that also which can be used for extra practice so I got that as well.
We did NOT do all the videos today because I really felt this would be way too much and he would be on overload. As I said this is a weak area for him so "slow and steady" makes much more sense to us. We watched the introduction and did the first video which talked about the 8 parts of speech.
Afterwards, he then went to his OneNote Notebook and made an entry for his Grammar Revolution about what the 8 parts of speech are and how made a note about how there are times when one word can fall into several parts of speech categories. He liked this because we never really looked at it this way and it was clicking I could see it. ~ It is a very no nonsense, common sense way to apply the basic information of grammar to a child who struggles in this kind of area.. I just LOVE it so far.
We ended there and will begin nouns and pronouns video tomorrow and again will stop there since she goes into further depth with "kinds" of pronouns and I want to make sure the information is cemented in.
Written Narration with OneNote will play a big role in this area ~
For writing we are using IEW still. Slow going but I have yet to find a program I like better that is as thorough in preparing them for real writing. I will check out The Writing Course, if it goes well with written narration this might be interesting to try. But he is using Life Science Based Writing Lessons with IEW at this point, just because he loves science so much I would rather him write about what he loves at this point, while learning the way to writing well~ :)

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