Monday, August 30, 2010

Uses for Pocket Pencil Holders~

I had gotten the idea for using Pocket Pencil Holders when we worked with our Wilson Reading System. There were several magnetic tiles and sound cards to keep track of so I needed something instead of ziplock bags and rubber bands to keep track of which ones we were using ~

For many of the boys subjects we have binders (ie., Science, Language Arts, World History, American History etc... ) so I found a neat way to use pencil pocket holders in their binders for index cards, phonogram cards, or research index cards or just about anything we have to have a pocket for.  These work GREAT for re-enforcing greek/latin roots, affixes and even a place to put math fact cards if you use those. ( for the math fact cards I use a red rubber band on one that still need to be learned, yellow for caution ( those still working on ) and green for ones mastered.

These pictured here are made of canvas. I used to use plastic and would write with permanent marker on the top as to what they were for, but now I like the canvas much better.

I really found these to be very helpful and hope this helps you as well~

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