Monday, August 23, 2010

Salem Witch Trials~ and a Delight Directed Update~

As we continue through our history we now are learning about the Puritans and their customs and so my son decided he is very interested in learning much more about the Salem Witch Trials.  I was always very interested in this particular part of 17th-century history myself~  Here is a book he is quickly reading through~"Witch Hunt", It Happened in Salem Village.   It is a quick and easy read and I was also planning on
some written narration also to go along with this book to check for understanding. If I decide to create some notebooking pages I will be sure and add those also as we need them. ~ 

Here are a few more resources :
Lessons for learning more on Salem Witch Trials
Discovery Education- Salem Witch Trials
Books about the Salem Witch Trials
A Squidoo Lens for Salem Witch Trials
Famous American Trials

Main book reading: Witch of Blackbird Pond
Literature Study: Witch of Blackbird Pond
Lesson Pathways: Witch of Blackbird Pond Lessons

Movie: The Crucible (rated PG -13)
Lesson plans and teaching resources for the Crucible.

Since October is coming near we hope to make a field trip to Salem, Massachusetts to visit Salem and learn more~
Salem Visitors Guide

Salem Witch Museum
Haunted Happenings

Our update~ so far my older son has found out that when no structure is given things can be somewhat - overwhelming. He is interested in many different areas so right now pointing him toward these areas and teaching him or I should say encouraging more interest driven learning has been needed.

We just came back from vacation and since then he has now turned 14 ~ :) He had gotten some video games with his birthday money so those have taken a bit of preference over other things, but I know this will probably be short-lived once the newness wears off, but just in case I decided to kind of give him a bit of guidance in this area and we decided that video games will/can be played after 3:00~ so the day is not just filled with video gaming :)  He reluctantly agree ( no big surprise there) but I quickly explained what his day could look like and he seemed much more comfortable after our little chat.

It didn't take long ... he came barreling down the stairs ( trust me a kid who is 155 lbs. coming down wooden stairs seems to get everyones attention). and said he loved his new game and wanted to learn all about Marco Polo - he thought it was such a cool story about him and is SOO interested in learning more.
Uncharted Among Thieves 2 ~ is the game I am referring to ( Teen rated) ( it is about a person named Nathan Drake who is trying to find Marco Polo's fleet, he fights goons, explore through India, China, Africa and solve puzzles)
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So for now it appears Geography and Marco Polo are in the forefront at this point.  Some resources on Marco Polo;                                                                   
Marco Polo
teaching about Marco Polo
travels of Marco Polo
Kublai Khans lost fleet

I am sure we will find more and he will do more on this so I will be sure to keep you updated. I explained to him that what he "could " do is we could take a trip to the library to see what information/books we can find and he can read all about it and add it to his One Note Notebook for his written narration~ he also plans on mapping out Marco Polo's voyages if he can as well and adding those which I mentioned can include learning about the places he explored when he was there as well - which he plans to do~ for him his favorite thing to do is to research and find out all about something and then go back and jot things down that he has learned.  He then very often goes and refers to his notes when we are at the dinner table or sitting around and fills us in with his new found information, we really love it actually ~ it makes for great dinner discussions! :)

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Wow--sounds fascinating! It's great that your sons are able to focus on things that interest them!

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