Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Part of our Oceans Unit Study~ a mini-unit on Dolphins

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We have been continuing our work with our Oceans Unit and my son was very interested in sharks and dolphins so we are doing some mini-units inside of our big Oceans Unit.

I thought I would go ahead and share some resources I am using for this mini-unit on dolphins.

We are not going too far in depth with this unit because it is a mini-unit and plan to do several other mini-units within the Oceans Unit Study.

A copy of this mini-unit can be found here. ( be sure to look for "dolphins mini-unit".

Dolphins Mini – Unit ( part of Oceans Unit Study)

Books used: “A School of Dolphins by Richard & Louis Spillsbury
                            Link for preview of book: http://tinyurl.com/2dbwpb8
This is a very basic book with large print writing and I loved it because it has some wonderful pictures of these exceptional mammals.  The book is currently out of print and I found this one at our local Ocean Job Lots Store~ you can find this book on Amazon, used for only .02 cents~ .

Literature Connection:
Island of the Blue Dolphins”, by Scott O’Dell
                                     http://eduscapes.com/newbery/61a.html - incl. webquests & activites to go along with reading the book.

Videos:  here is a listing of videos on dolphins.

Lapbooks: * templates to use for creating your own lapbook: http://www.homeschoolshare.com/lapbooking_resources.php
http://notebookingnook.blogspot.com/2009/10/island-of-blue-dolphins-lapbook.html this is a blog regarding the literature connection book, however, you will find many things overlap with this book and how it can tie into learning about Oceans which  is why I chose this historical fiction novel~ these links add much more depth to the book/mini dolphins unit and our Ocean Unit Study.

Notebooking Pages:
If I do create more pages I will be sure to post and add those accordingly. Mainly, we plan on just using the HSS templates along with our book to create the lapbook for the information we learn.

Link resources for learning about dolphins:
http://www.dolphins-world.com/ - more facts about dolphins
http://library.thinkquest.org/J0110024/listdolph.html - species of dolphins –(pg.5) make layer book for listing the kinds of dolphins and add to lapbook~
http://dolphins-and-more.com/what-are-the-32-types-of-dolphins.html - also for pg 5 to be used with Notebooking page on “different kinds of dolphins”.
Dolphin coloring pages: http://www.coloring.ws/dolphins.htm
Idea~ use a Venn Diagram to show the difference between sharks and dolphins – do the same for whales and dolphins if you would like also.

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