Monday, August 30, 2010

Changes to Workbooks? - Maybe so-

I have to say, things always seem to be changing at our home. Most especially with my youngest who seems to be evolving at this point. His reading and processing skills have really begun taking off over the summer and since then I have seen him really enjoy things he never enjoyed before and one of those things is workbooks! 

Has anyone used or seen these?  Learn at Home

I ended up shopping over the weekend at our local Job Lots Store ( love that place )  and picked up a fourth grade Learn at Home workbook. It was only 1.99 so I figured why not..
I was bored so I started reading through it one evening just wondering how these actually work, ( never used these before and had been well, somewhat skeptical to say the least) I have to tell you~ I was impressed. It is quite comprehensive. From teaching my boys for a while I could see how these could be fun and work very well with a workbook kind of learner ( left brained ). 
From what I can tell, the books go up to grade six.
I tend to not have those types of learners at our home, but this year has been really a change for my youngest, he cannot seem to get enough of workbooks and pages and writing.. I see him able to cross over much more this year from less Right-Brained Learning tendencies and so that is what tempted me to pick this up. I am glad I did but am wondering if we have the "time" to squeeze these things in.. I think we can I may have to skip and jump in some areas but I think he will enjoy some of the activities etc.. they are quite creative ~ 

In looking through the book I could see how many of the pages could be used to add to a mini-office and also for lapbook folds as well like the kinds of writing they give as a sample on the link I game. Cutting these out and adding them to a writing pocket for a writing lapbook could work great. 

Here is a review and summary on these workbooks that I had found. 

If you have a chance to check these out at your local Sams or Books Store you may want to check these out for your workbooking loving learners~ 

I still think we will still spin our own "style" with these but he really seemed very interested in these so I suppose we shall try this one out..... will keep you posted on how things go~ 


Cindy K. said...

From what I found at the Carson-Dellosa site (merged with School Specialty Publishing) is that they only go to grade 4. Do you have any idea how they might compare to the Comprehensive Curriculum grade-level workbooks also by School Specialty?

Learners at Home said...

I believe I have seen these also at Sam's but never really paid much attention since my guy was NOT into workbooks and it seemed too "schooly". I flipped through it and that is all. I plan on going to Sams or Borders soon and when I do I will be sure to check them out.
I saw also on their site when looking that they only go up to 4th but then saw 5th and 6th on Amazon. So not sure actually if these are used or what.
I really found these interesting because at the beginning of each chapter there is lesson plans written out for you for the week! The science and history is weaker, BUT I love the ideas on what to do and you can always use it as a starting point. It had a spin of delight - directed to me... :)
My son ( who is picky) likes the graphics also.
gosh I wish I had known and looked at these when I was in the hospital and recuperating.. would have been great.
I found the book selections and spelling to be fair to good also. I was intrigued that they explained about adding to spelling with an individualized spelling list... this is great things to see "finally" in state standard books.
Hope this helps a bit more. :)



Wondermom said...

I used this particular program with my kids up to grade 5. I absolutely loved them! The boys enjoyed them as well. It was easy to use and has a lesson plan already place. If you find that your son really likes them, you should buy as many grades as you can up front. When they are no longer at Sam's they can get pretty expensive. (I guess that relative really, but after you spend $1.99 for them $5 or more is expensive!) It lays a great foundation for learning. I have nothing but great things to say about it. I hope your son enjoys it!

Learners at Home said...

We started in on this today and I really liked it. We ended up cutting out the different kinds of writing and made a pocket for his writing folder we created.
I think I will go hunt these down if I can find more I will pick them up. I really like it~ I am not surprised you used these ~ and I am really glad I took the time to actually look at them. :) He did like it today~ and tomorrow since it is our Easy Peasy day as we call it while I am out groccery shopping he is happily going to do a few pages in it while I am gone ~ :)

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