Sunday, August 22, 2010

Back from our Family Holiday and Thoughts Ahead to our New Year for Sharing~

We have been spending some family time and had gone away on vacation for a week or so.  It was really nice to get away and enjoy some family time and just unplug for a while. I think we all need that from time to time. Just to kind of recharge our batteries and help get us ready for the coming new season.
Fall is one of our favorite times at our house. Living in New England offers many special gifts that we clearly take advantage of living up here.

With our new schedule the boys will have some time off also to enjoy our leaf exhibitions up state and apple picking/and peeling, our county fairs and pumpkins festivals. Often I think as I am driving around that I feel like I am driving into a painting because of the many colors and landscapes that begin to actually pop out at us all over the place. It is truly a blessing.

I am hoping to now get back into the swing of things after taking our break and post more frequently about our new schedules and the new balance we are working toward in our home learning. I plan to share many daily things along with everyone as we move ahead.

One thing I am planning on doing is to continue the boys daily journals ( these are notebooks I had written about previously you can find the old blog post here, in case you had missed it) with our new schedule and with trying to attempt to incorporate more delight directed learning/unschooling into our routine I still plan to list things that they learned or explored for that day or that week. I think it will be neat for me to actually be able to see on paper what they have done and can always look back at it if I ever want to add/supplement more in a given area of learning or skill.

My youngest has been doing his studies since July had started so he is moving right along.  Our teen starts back with formal studies right after Labor Day, but I already see him poking around at his things and books he has lined up to read.

He has expressed how excited and enthusiastic he is about his "new school schedule and year". I find it quite refreshing really. I think this is actually the first year I have heard him and seen him be so interested. Could it finally be after three years he is finally coming around to seeing school is much more interesting than stacks of assignments and books! I think so~ :)

We have also explored our thoughts on highschool and I plan to post many things about that as well. I just added in my side bar section under Homeschooling Beyond Elementary a section for Highschool blogs. Right now you will notice these are CM blogs, but as many of you know, we are very eclectic and you will see others there as well that I find helpful to us and so I would want to share them with all of you as well.

I want to also take a moment to extend a warm thank you to many of my readers and AKOL members for their many emails of support and prayers. They meant so much to me~   I had posted over on my AKOL Yahoo Group that I was finding a need to sort of take a break a bit and take some time to slow things down due to health reasons and it has really helped me.  I think slowing things down and taking the time out to "smell the flowers" and take more time to enjoy the day, has really brought back a renewed energy in me and has really helped me to feel much better.  I plan to do much more sharing as the weeks pass by~

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