Saturday, July 24, 2010

Unschooling Teen Learns about Latest Technology~

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 I had posted recently about our new schedule for our studies and I am hoping to post often about our endeavors and how things are going. I thought this might help give others insight into how we are doing and so that others can follow us and learn about any shortcomings and also share our successes.

Most recently while my husband had been away attending a business trade show he called late one evening to tell us he had won a free IPad ~ !

We were very excited as you can imagine, never expecting this at all. When the boys heard about it they, of course were all excited ~ my teen decided he was going to take the next few days researching all about the IPad and how it works, the history of it and how useful it may be for our home.

He ended up spending close to three days researching, watching videos of conferences from Steve Jobs, creator and owner.  He ended up by the end of the week able to literally tell us more than I could ever have imagined about this new computer tool.  In the process he also learned about the IPhone as well - which is helpful since we were considering new phones for our family and his research has really helped us narrow down our search and save us a bunch of time and perhaps even money~

So this evening, as I sit here, he is sitting with his dad, walking him through all the features and how it works and why, what you can do and can get and how... etc... Needless to say, his dad is quite impressed.  My teen even went so far as to set up alerts on his laptop to hear reviews and learn more about the IPad new apps for it etc..

He knows just about everything someone could possibly know about this new tool.  We are so proud he took it upon himself to want to learn about this and find out to help his dad when he came home.. they are having alot of fun with it right now, lol

My teen is spending this month unschooling~ and so this will certainly get written down into my journal and will add to his computer technology learning. He would never have had the time needed to learn about all these thing if he were not on his new schedule and we had gone  back to formal studies this month.

I am really thinking this is going to be quite rewarding as time goes by~

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