Friday, July 9, 2010

A Time Line for Living History Books~ Bethlehem Books

Recently I had posted about our organization with our books and how I was organizing our books the best I can in a chronological order~ specifically with our World and US History Books~

We had been sharing and talking over on one of my favorite groups At Home Science about specific books we plan on trying or planning on using for the coming year of studies.  One resource was mentioned ( among many) that I wanted to share with everyone. *check out AHS if your looking to share science/mathematics resources and ideas*

Bethlehem Books, some may already know about this resource and if so it is a great reminder, if not, this is a great site for finding books you might be looking for. Upon looking at their site I found a timeline which I just fell in love with.. how much better can this get?  Aside from the timeline list I thought it was wonderful to have an approximate reading level available for the books as well. ( as shown below)

If you have not checked out this resource and have been looking for great literature for reading, be sure to check this out.. I am already making my new "wish list"~ * Bethlehem Books are also on Facebook here.
And thank you Kris at the At Home Science group for mentioning this great resource~

Happy  History Reading~ !

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