Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Studying Oceans ~ adding some more resources

We started working on our Oceans Study this morning. We had alot of fun and I have a feeling this study could have multiple parts and go on, for well, a while. ~
I ended up finding a bit more resources for learning about Oceans so I thought I would add them here just in case some may like what else I have found.
I nearly forgot all about the link resources and write up I had done with my post: Summer Studies- Oceans. 
But provided the link to save you and myself some trouble. :)
Here is a bit more information I have decided on using:

Lapbooking Links:

A science experiment: Ocean in a bottle
A science experiment: Buoyancy
Critter Cards and games we plan to add to our lapbook and learn about.
Ocean Activities and lots of link resources for learning about the ocean.

The Living Sea Predators and Prey

I have already began printing all kinds of these things. I don't plan on doing every single thing in the lapbooks. I plan to just pull certain things I think we would want to focus on.  Doing all of those lapbooks would be way too much to do and try to fit in.  I added the Janice Vancleave book for Earth Science and a Magic Tree House book  (Tsunami's) and then also may add some more library books~ 

I can guarantee we will end up on all kinds of bunny trails, but for us that is how the learning really takes off and makes things so much fun. ~ 


Fatcat said...

We loved this free unit study from Currclick.

Have fun with it. Sounds like you'll need a beach field trip!

Learners at Home said...

thanks for sharing, yet another GREAT resource~ I love currclick :)
YES, the beach in on the list and I have tons and tons of seashells from when my in-laws visited California and such we will be going through and sorting....
We had planned a trip to the coast yesterday (we only live 40 mins away) and we heard about the large 13ft jelly fish that had stung over 100 people at our beach! So we decided to wait a bit.. this is jelly fish time for us here. :S.
thanks for sharing!

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