Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Book Series for "us" Dragon Slayers Academy~

You can find the entire list of books here.
With all the planning I have started for our new school year of studies, we ended up sorting out all our reading books we have on our shelves.
I ended up sorting the fiction books by author and by series, then I sorted the non-fiction by topic and then by chronological date. I think this will work best for us ~so as I was going through all these books~ ( and we have many stacks) we found a hidden gem, ( as I figured we would find)
Dragon Slayers Academy Series by Kate McMullan

My son found this book and decided this was a series he wanted to try out for this summer. He started today and is really enjoying it so far~ I thought I would share it with everyone. He seems to be enjoying more fantasy now as his reading becomes more fluent ~ it is really nice to see and is fun to watch how much he enjoys his reading on his own now~

As I mentioned, we went to Borders to pick up some books and so here is a few others we decided on getting and are stacked and ready for reading this summer~
A Mouse Called Wolf, by Dick King-Smith
The Last Dog on Earth,  by Daniel Ehrenhaft
A Nest for Celeste, by Henry Cole - I saw this and just had to get this due to his artwork and thought it would make a great read-aloud for this summer.  ( our youngest loves mouses..)
The Lemonade War, by Jacqueline Davies ( I loved the review of this one and just had to buy it)
Book One:  The Maze of Bones by Rick Riordan - having not yet started the Percy Jackson series my son along with his dad found this series (I think mostly because of the trading cards and puzzles, lol ) to try out~ sounded like engaging fun for this summer.

So these are our "new to us" books we picked up~ hope everyone is having a good summer and trying to stay as cool as they can!
Happy Summer Reading~


Romankids said...

I have told myself it's too much like hard work to categorise the kids books, but look at what you've achieved! What an amazing woman you are. Well done.

I think it was from your blog that I heard about The Maze of Bones. I managed to buy it for NZ$10 via TradeMe (Kiwi version of eBay) and with a bit of luck we should receive it tomorrow. The kids and I enjoyed "playing" the website over the weekend, so MUM is really looking forward to reading and playing The 39 Clues.

Learners at Home said...

Why thank you~ :)
What fun huh? lol here is another "tip" I just learned about, it reminded me when you mentioned where you picked up your book~ I just found another "new to me" site for buying books and can I just say I am thrilled with the prices~ it is called Abe Books~ be sure and look it up and save, save, save, :) Have a great day~

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