Saturday, July 24, 2010

Unschooling Teen Learns about Latest Technology~

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 I had posted recently about our new schedule for our studies and I am hoping to post often about our endeavors and how things are going. I thought this might help give others insight into how we are doing and so that others can follow us and learn about any shortcomings and also share our successes.

Most recently while my husband had been away attending a business trade show he called late one evening to tell us he had won a free IPad ~ !

We were very excited as you can imagine, never expecting this at all. When the boys heard about it they, of course were all excited ~ my teen decided he was going to take the next few days researching all about the IPad and how it works, the history of it and how useful it may be for our home.

He ended up spending close to three days researching, watching videos of conferences from Steve Jobs, creator and owner.  He ended up by the end of the week able to literally tell us more than I could ever have imagined about this new computer tool.  In the process he also learned about the IPhone as well - which is helpful since we were considering new phones for our family and his research has really helped us narrow down our search and save us a bunch of time and perhaps even money~

So this evening, as I sit here, he is sitting with his dad, walking him through all the features and how it works and why, what you can do and can get and how... etc... Needless to say, his dad is quite impressed.  My teen even went so far as to set up alerts on his laptop to hear reviews and learn more about the IPad new apps for it etc..

He knows just about everything someone could possibly know about this new tool.  We are so proud he took it upon himself to want to learn about this and find out to help his dad when he came home.. they are having alot of fun with it right now, lol

My teen is spending this month unschooling~ and so this will certainly get written down into my journal and will add to his computer technology learning. He would never have had the time needed to learn about all these thing if he were not on his new schedule and we had gone  back to formal studies this month.

I am really thinking this is going to be quite rewarding as time goes by~

Friday, July 23, 2010

A New Year Starts - And A New Schedule Begins~

I have talked often about our schedule we use for learning at home and over time this has changed in little bits and pieces and sometimes in big ways as well.

I first began trying to "fit everything in" so I had worked on a block schedule for us, whereby two days a week we would work on History and two days we would work on Science. This has probably been the best thing I could have done.On these days the primary focus is on that particular subject, while still doing our core studies as well. It works very well.

Towards the end of our school year this year we were having a kind of struggle with figuring out just how we want to work our new year of studies. For several reasons we have decided that we are going to school year round.  I had been leaning toward this over this past year and mulling things over. I sat back looked at our last three years of home learning and how our summers had gone and it wasn't exactly what I and the boys had hoped for.

Simply put, we are not BIG on summer heat - sorry but we are not. My boys have sensory processing issues and the heat really makes them ill and does them in, so we end up on most days when everyone is out enjoying the summer heat and surf, in our home hibernating in air conditioning. Also I noticed since my surgery and my illness I don't manage as well in the heat as I used to.

All of this in mind, we ended up sitting down with the boys and figuring out "just how" WE wanted to homeschool throughout our whole year  without it being a drag for all of us.

We found a way and here is how we are doing it over this next year. If this works well we will continue on with this schedule for good.

{Each child of mine is very different and the two of them both had their own perspective on how they needed to work, so I listened and we came to a real understanding and compromise}

13 Year Old: Will work his regular studies starting this year in September and will work one month on and one month off. On the month "off" he will be doing Unschooling ( for us this means Delight Directed, sports, volunteering, and following his passions)~ and we will have a morning "pow wow" each day to see what his activities and plans are and he will document his learning in his OneNote. - With this child when left up to his own, he can be a real self starter and motivated with his passions. At this age, where he is almost 14 next month, (and having other boys who are now in their twenties I can see BEYOND the books to what is really important in these special years of growing) I want him to be able to have time for self discovery as he moves into being a young adult. He is twice exceptional, gifted in many ways so this will really help him - our compromise was that Math still needed to happen if he was to soar in the areas of Science ( an area of real passion for my guy) and he agreed whole-heartedly so he will continue doing his math lessons. I think at this point he really understands the  importance of certain things. He tends to be very mature for his age, probably due to his older brothers and insight from them. Reading always happens with him so this is never a concern for me.

Having explained all of this his schedule looks like this:

September: formal studies  - October: unschooling - November: formal studies -December: unschooling
January: formal studies - February: unschooling - March: formal studies - April: unschooling - May: formal studies - June: unschooling - July: formal studies - August: - unschooling.

{you may notice the way the months fall for him and his schedule that Fall and Spring are more unschooling this will be great for trips to the lake, beach and outside play etc.. skateboarding, basketball.. etc.. he was happy he would be able to finally see more of Monday night football! LOL it works out very well. }

11 yo ( a very different sort of learner, I think he could do school every day and be a happy camper! he didn't want a schedule he just wanted to go back to his studies~ lol, I explained how at times mum and he needed time to relax and just kind of let things go~ with folded arms he started to listen and we worked out a schedule of his very own, concocted by him of course! )

He needs much more consistency in his learning right now and he knows this so he will not be working like my teen and his schedule. Here is his:

July (yes this July 2010)- back to studies for the rest of the month (formals studies) working one one one with mum.
August - formal studies (except second week in August for our family ( much needed vacation get away)
             then after vacation it is back to studies.- formal studies
September- formal studies ( on really great days we do plan some beach days in here)
October - unschooling for the month (math and reading only) and delight directed.
November - unschooling for the month (math and reading only) and delight directed.
{these two months off are helpful to me since I have shows and work for the holidays and these two months are my guys FAVORITE time of year to be OUTSIDE and not doing traditional school work}
December- First two weeks in formal studies, while last two weeks are off completely to enjoy the Season.
January- formal studies
February - formal studies
March - formal studies
April - formal studies
May-unschooling ( again with math and reading only and delight directed)
June - unschooling ( math and reading only, delight directed)
July - formal studies resume

{These schedules can get quite confusing as you may have noticed so I thought to make basic copies of a calendar and hi-lite their schedules by the month so they could visually see what they are doing and when.}

*A friend had e-mailed me and commented, that she thought I was the only person she knew who "schedules" unschooling, lol perhaps I am, but we are different as I keep saying, we do what works for US, not anyone else, ( smile)* ( personally I think she is right I have never heard of anyone doing this either) :)
I suppose you can see how different both boys are, but this allows me to work better with them one on one and for a long haul as we have ahead very workable.  There will be snow days for my guys with skiing and sledding and such, we have to have those days for goodness sake. My youngest loves the snow, working one on one with him means more done so that the rest of the day is his to have fun in the snow also :)

As we jumped right back into our formal studies with him this past week he did absolutely wonderful. We work till lunch time and we get a ton done~ it is great and I still have time to get up to my Studio to work.
Big brother has been learning more about finances as he is going to be working for me over the summer doing inventory and basic odds and ends, making phone calls etc.. He also has been researching unschooling and will be doing an essay about it so that when someone asks him what he "does" he can explain it thoroughly.

Among other things he has recently learned about the Do-Do bird becoming extinct in the 1700's and where it comes from and learning more about the Tasmanian Tiger among other "strange" things, lol He wakes up and hops right on the computer, running over to show me things ( I may not want to see before coffee, lol ) - it has really awakened something new in him.

What about structure and those dreaded video games?
For my older son structure squashes him in many ways. With his specific LD's in mind certain structures are just not warranted, there needs to be a balance for him and this is a good balance for my learner. (perhaps not for all but for mine it is)
Some have asked me about Video Games and things like that and aren't I concerned he might just sit in there doing this all day? I really don't regulate this. Before you gasp, I will explain a bit. At first, when we had limits on our videos, when we first got the new PS3, that was interesting because he constantly wanted to be on it so I used it as a motivator, setting up times he would be able to go on and be uninterrupted with his friends online.

Now that the newness has worn off (he now only plays for an hour or two at the most) and other things have taken his interest, ( his new laptop for one- well not entirely new, he has my old one, mom got the new one, lol ) but for him this is great! He loves it and is a real research guy, he plays all kind of educational games, does research etc.. and it is very productive.

I think the morning meeting I plan is helpful also, knowing what he is going to be up to, what is on his mind and even maybe helping him to succeed in a few things he is interested in. :)
I found also this has given more time for him to dive into his interests with coordinates and the stock market.. etc.. he has been exploring lately neurology and is totally engrossed in this specialty of medicine.. not too bad for topics to study for our hot summer, month of July. I can tell you I never would have thought of him studying Neurology would you?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Studying Oceans ~ adding some more resources

We started working on our Oceans Study this morning. We had alot of fun and I have a feeling this study could have multiple parts and go on, for well, a while. ~
I ended up finding a bit more resources for learning about Oceans so I thought I would add them here just in case some may like what else I have found.
I nearly forgot all about the link resources and write up I had done with my post: Summer Studies- Oceans. 
But provided the link to save you and myself some trouble. :)
Here is a bit more information I have decided on using:

Lapbooking Links:

A science experiment: Ocean in a bottle
A science experiment: Buoyancy
Critter Cards and games we plan to add to our lapbook and learn about.
Ocean Activities and lots of link resources for learning about the ocean.

The Living Sea Predators and Prey

I have already began printing all kinds of these things. I don't plan on doing every single thing in the lapbooks. I plan to just pull certain things I think we would want to focus on.  Doing all of those lapbooks would be way too much to do and try to fit in.  I added the Janice Vancleave book for Earth Science and a Magic Tree House book  (Tsunami's) and then also may add some more library books~ 

I can guarantee we will end up on all kinds of bunny trails, but for us that is how the learning really takes off and makes things so much fun. ~ 

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Blogger of Substance Award~

Thank you, Kris from At Home Science for A Blog With Substance Award!
I am finally happy with my new design and am hopeful my efforts help other homeschoolers along their home learning journey~

Here's how this award works:

  • Thank the blogger that awarded it to you.
  • Sum up you blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience using exactly 10 words;
  • Pass it on to 10 other blogs with substance.
My summary sentence:

I enjoy sharing our homeschooling journey to help others~

Here are my  10 blogs that I find to have all kinds of thought-provoking and helpful material on them:

1.   Blog She Wrote
2.  Special Needs Homeschooling
3.  Lesson Pathways Blog
4. Natural Homeschool Mama
5.  Guilt Free Homeschooling
6.  Science Notebooking
7.Spigot's Tap into Learning
8.World of Discovery
9.Amongst Lovely Things
10.Harmony Art Mom

I could probably keep on going and going~ but thanks again Kris! :)

Teaching Textbooks: Our First Day~

We are switching around our yearly studies this year and trying a very different schedule that I will be posting about soon~ but for now I wanted to share about our new math program Teaching Textbooks.
We just started with this program today with my youngest learner and we had a great morning.
He enjoyed the program very much and loved the animated robot he chose to be his helper/mascot as he moved through the lessons.

I decided to keep things very basic for this great, independent program. I pulled out a folder and copied the workbook pages from the TT workbook so that my son could enter in the answers while he adds them on the computer as he goes along ( this is helpful for his portfolio since by law we have to show samples of his work) after words we printed out his grade book for the day, since he is not used to grades he was wondering what 95% meant as a score and was thrilled to learn what that meant as well, lol

Within the pocket folder I also add the CD's needed for the program and also on the other pocket added his grade book copy so he can visually see his work and progress for each lesson.

Today was easy because it was mostly review and that is helpful since we are just at the beginnings of our formal studies again and a great way to review concepts learned.
I found this first day to be very productive.  As you can imagine the first lesson was all about addition, which is a very basic math skill, however, one thing I did enjoy watching was how they immediately included commutative property into the lesson and also the lesson was very thorough in teaching math vocabulary as well (addends and sums and practice using those).
He enjoyed the program very much and while I explained things will be much more difficult as time passes he felt confident that he will enjoy the program.

Some further information on Teaching Textbooks: 

I have found Teaching Textbooks to run approximately one year behind grade level standards, which for us is quite fine~ having a child with dyscalcula this program really helps with slow processing learners and children who may struggle with certain concepts.

I should mention my older son uses this as well and he is actually gifted in the area of math, for these learners you can skip ( yes skip) practice problems or lessons if they become too redundant for your learner and the grade book will not take off points, it only grades what your child has done for work. So it can be a fit for both kinds of math learners.

The program basically runs off of CD's you use throughout the lessons. Your given a lecture for the lesson that is interactive and then a few practice problems and then the lesson problems.  While working through the grades 4-7 each problem is graded automatically as your learner enters in the answer. If the answer is wrong there is a solution to that problem your learner can click onto for further explanation.

While working the lessons there is an animation that makes doing the lessons fun. Click on the animation in the upper left ( you can see this animation in the samples you can use online from their site) and you can pick and choose whichever character you would like.  The animation cheers you on as you move along and makes for such fun~

Teaching Textbooks has their own yahoo email group you can find here.  It's a fairly low volume list that others post to now and then and many times will also post used books/CD's from the program which is a wonderful way to save money. The members are very helpful and often when I have posted will even take the time to write back to me personally, since they mentioned that replies may take a day or two to get on the list postings of the group.
Some reviews of Teaching Textbooks:
Homeschool Reviews
Old Schoolhouse Review
There are probably many, many more but this will give you a start.

On a personal note: We are long time users of the Math On The Level Program and due to the great success we have found we are now able to use a more independent math program for our youngest which we are all thrilled about. He now has much more confidence in his abilities in the area of math and explained to us over this past year that he would like to become more independent in his learning which we were thrilled about.  So, we still will be using MOTL when new concepts are introduced or if I feel we need a bit more hands on understanding when it comes to specific, more involved math concepts. I think the two will work quite nicely together in our home. 

Happy Math Learning~ !

Sunday, July 18, 2010

E-mails, E-groups and Organization ~ Oh My!

The heat is on,and summer is running full "steam" ahead so at times we have been hibernating in our air conditioning and that means I have some time for playing on my new laptop and learning new things.

I recently posted about Microsoft OneNote that I am still learning to use but also wanted to share a few more things that I have been doing and hearing about when it comes to keeping ourselves organized and on top of things.

Nowadays, many homeschool parents and children really rely on using the internet for research and working on things, I know for us, it has been so helpful in teaching, exploring and of course researching just about everything under the sun and beyond!
side note: a safer search engine for your learners is Sweet Search, you can try it out by looking above to the right side bar or clicking on the link. 

Many of us enjoy the e-groups that are online and the community networks and blogs that are out there which helps with support and encouragement for each other and is a great resource for information.

Managing these things can be quite another story~ as I have been using all of these things I found a few ways to help me stay a bit more organized and up to date on topics and events.  Here are a few new things I am doing to help me:

E-groups: yahoo and google groups ( I mostly use yahoo e-groups since I am not a huge fan of google groups thus far, I do not find much on there at this point for homeschoolers and much is more inappropriate for what I am looking for)
I enjoy these groups when I find some that I can relate to and find a great group of people.  It can be tough finding the right "fit" for a group, but I do have a few favorites that I find the members very helpful, kind, and supportive.
Here is a list of some of "my personal" favorites: ( not in any specific order, promise)

IEW Families - a group of members who are using IEW writing products, very active

At Home Science- an on-topic group for science and math learning

Living Science- another on-topic group for science and math learning

Math On The Level- a group for parents who are interested or learning or using MOTL math program.

Special Needs Parents Homeschooling Special Needs Children- a warm, flexible group of parents who have chronic health issues who are at home teaching their children. A great place to have a cup of coffee, kick back and vent, support, encourage and ask questions.

All Kinds of Learners- last but not least, I do love my own group :)~ it is very diverse and is very supportive. I learn alot from all our great members. 

*side note: if your not already aware yahoo groups now has fixed their problem they have had with their searching and archives tool~ I have tried it out on a few of my groups and it worked wonderfully. This is really wonderful since for such a long time the search feature has not been very helpful in the past for group members.
When considering joining an e-group I don't just go by a friends recommendation I tend to go and look and read through completely the groups home page so I know what they are really all about and what the agenda or mission/goal is of that particular group. I also look down on the groups messages to see how many are posted monthly and then look at member size.  All these things tell me if this is a worthwhile group that is active and worthy of joining. 
When first joining a new e-group I usually subscribe and keep myself on daily emails, just so I can get to know how the group runs and having these in my email box often I can really read and learn about the group much faster than if I was on daily digest. If I like what I am reading and after introducing am slowly starting to connect with discussions and members I will change my status to digest (if the group is REALLY busy) or if I REALLY like the group I will stay on daily but to manage all the emails I create a filter within my email so that all the emails will go directly to that folder so I can read at my leisure and not have my email box flooded with posts from that particular group.
Its a really effective way to remain up to date and on topic with my groups.

I have found using filters are also great for newsletters, e-zine subscriptions, community networks and just about anything you don't want clogging up your email box.

Blogs- like many I enjoy reading and keep up with my friends blogs or blogs where I can get some great resources for helping me with our at home learning. I follow a few and those end up in my blogger dashboard which is great because when I sign into blogger I can see all my friends updates and get caught up.
I have found that I enjoy mostly subscribing to blogs by email instead of using an RSS Reader. It is probably just my personal preference but I find when I can subscribe by email I tend to be able to stay better updated and is much easier (you can create a filter for that particular blog as well).

Page Flakes is an interesting personalized homepage you can create from your RSS feeds that can help you better manage your blogs or e-zine updates. You can read more about on the link provided. I have not created my own page as of yet but again, am looking at doing so ~

Here is a great link resource to help you find a few organizational web tools that might help keep you better organized. It's called Mashable and when I came across this I just loved all the goodies I could explore ~
this link provides over 100 ways to organize ourselves~ be sure and check it out.

I will leave you with one more great link resource I found. It is featured on Slideshare and is a slide show of resources that is entitled Best of the Web.  These are really great resources for teaching to search through.

Hope some of these things help you stay better organized ~

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Student Organization with Microsoft OneNote ~

We have been a bit busy at our house lately. I had recently gotten a new laptop because I wanted my 13 year old to be able to work off of his own laptop and be more independent with his studies.
He enjoys the computer very much and prefers typing and using the computer much more than traditional learning with workbooks, notebooks etc,.

I had been looking a while back for some sort of online tool that would help me remove some of the paper we were dealing with when it comes to planning, organizing and working with our studies.
As many homeschoolers know, you can have mountains of papers your dealing with and while binders are wonderful, there are only so many pages you can put in those binders and the room binders take up can really be alot!

So as I looked around to the various tools that are online, Homeschool Tracker, HomeShedtrack, and others I just couldn't find one that fit what I was looking for.
[a virtual place for my son to organize, work and plan online for all his studies]
Then a friend of mine, from an e-group posted back to me about a program she uses for her boys called OneNote.  I have not heard of it before but decided to take a look and really liked it.
My computer I was working on, however, was not compatible for using Microsoft OneNote, that is not until now~ both my sons and my new laptop both have and are compatible with OneNote and I was thrilled.
I have been working and learning more and more about this program all week long.  I just love it.  I first realized I needed to learn all the specifics on how to use the program so I immediately went online and tried to find video tutorials to learn how to use it.
The program comes with Microsoft Office 2003 ( this is the older version but, ( as was explained to me) is approximately 80% consistent with how the newer version works)
My new laptop has the updated Microsoft 2010 so I have the newer version which I really like as well and is just as easy from what I have used so far, it has a few more "bells and whistles" but the other version is just as helpful for my teen.
Here are some that I found and also others that were shared/recommended to me by my friend Cindy~
Learn OneNote in 90 Seconds - a quick video to see what it does
Making the Switch to OneNote 2010
Demo: OneNote 2007
A Review of Microsoft 2007

School Tube Videos:

One Note Tutorial #1
One Note Tutorial #2
One Note Tutorial #3

It took some time as I worked and learned about OneNote to see just how helpful this tool could be for us.
I plan on using it on my laptop to outline all our learning lessons, I can add websites, graphics, draw my own designs you name everything you can do with a traditional notebook (pen/paper) you can do with OneNote.

For my teen I set up his Notebook for all his lessons one notebook for all his subjects listed in the tabs. Under each tab I created separate pages for him to do his work ( taking notes, written narrations, adding graphics, cutting and pasting website resources, capturing images etc..)and further in underneath those pages you can click on the page and create subpages as well.
There is also separate tabs ( like you would have as dividers in a notebook) for projects or research papers which he can work on right from his laptop also.
There is even a tab as a To Do for him to jot down reminders for things.

One of my favorite things I like is how with the new OneNote 2010 is you can "dock" your OneNote to the side of your desktop so while working on a site you can still have available your notebook to write things down and work off of, perfect for researching and doing essays.

We choose to do portfolios for our year end evaluations and I plan on using the print function and printing off pages to fill his portfolios~ these can also all be archived and saved for safe keeping in case of computer troubles. ( I am still learning how I will do this)

I cannot possibly list all the things you can do with OneNote but it really would be worth checking your own computer under your Microsoft Office files to see if you have this available to you.
It is going to save us alot of time, energy and money, I am so thankful for my online friends who share these wonderful things with me, thank you Cindy ~!

Happy Organizing ~ !

Friday, July 9, 2010

Math On The Level - Free Webinar

Join Carlita and John Boyles, authors and creators of one of my favorite math programs.  They have a scheduled webinar for July 13th at 11AM  / 2PM (EST). 

Math on the Level is an innovative, maturation based math program designed for homeschoolers and tutors.  If you have been interested in this program and would like to learn more about how it works, what better way to find out more than speaking and listening to MOTL's authors.

Math On The Level also has a Yahoo Group as well you can join and learn from Carlita about how the program can help you with math learning in your home.

Register for the Webinar here.

A Book Reading~ Teenage Liberation Handbook

We are starting a book reading over at the All Kinds Of Learners e-group. 
The Teenage Liberation Handbook by Grace Llewellyn
I have been interested in reading this book for quite a while and so I just ordered it the other day and am waiting for it to come in the mail.

Once it comes in, a few of us were planning on reading it together and sharing our thoughts about it by posting over on the AKOL group or on the AKOL facebook page, we will be there too.   If your interested in reading this with us be sure and subscribe to the AKOL group.

I think it should be interesting and lots of fun, bouncing ideas and different perspectives off of eachother.

I have heard very good reviews with this book and look forward to sharing with everyone.~

A Time Line for Living History Books~ Bethlehem Books

Recently I had posted about our organization with our books and how I was organizing our books the best I can in a chronological order~ specifically with our World and US History Books~

We had been sharing and talking over on one of my favorite groups At Home Science about specific books we plan on trying or planning on using for the coming year of studies.  One resource was mentioned ( among many) that I wanted to share with everyone. *check out AHS if your looking to share science/mathematics resources and ideas*

Bethlehem Books, some may already know about this resource and if so it is a great reminder, if not, this is a great site for finding books you might be looking for. Upon looking at their site I found a timeline which I just fell in love with.. how much better can this get?  Aside from the timeline list I thought it was wonderful to have an approximate reading level available for the books as well. ( as shown below)

If you have not checked out this resource and have been looking for great literature for reading, be sure to check this out.. I am already making my new "wish list"~ * Bethlehem Books are also on Facebook here.
And thank you Kris at the At Home Science group for mentioning this great resource~

Happy  History Reading~ !

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Book Series for "us" Dragon Slayers Academy~

You can find the entire list of books here.
With all the planning I have started for our new school year of studies, we ended up sorting out all our reading books we have on our shelves.
I ended up sorting the fiction books by author and by series, then I sorted the non-fiction by topic and then by chronological date. I think this will work best for us ~so as I was going through all these books~ ( and we have many stacks) we found a hidden gem, ( as I figured we would find)
Dragon Slayers Academy Series by Kate McMullan

My son found this book and decided this was a series he wanted to try out for this summer. He started today and is really enjoying it so far~ I thought I would share it with everyone. He seems to be enjoying more fantasy now as his reading becomes more fluent ~ it is really nice to see and is fun to watch how much he enjoys his reading on his own now~

As I mentioned, we went to Borders to pick up some books and so here is a few others we decided on getting and are stacked and ready for reading this summer~
A Mouse Called Wolf, by Dick King-Smith
The Last Dog on Earth,  by Daniel Ehrenhaft
A Nest for Celeste, by Henry Cole - I saw this and just had to get this due to his artwork and thought it would make a great read-aloud for this summer.  ( our youngest loves mouses..)
The Lemonade War, by Jacqueline Davies ( I loved the review of this one and just had to buy it)
Book One:  The Maze of Bones by Rick Riordan - having not yet started the Percy Jackson series my son along with his dad found this series (I think mostly because of the trading cards and puzzles, lol ) to try out~ sounded like engaging fun for this summer.

So these are our "new to us" books we picked up~ hope everyone is having a good summer and trying to stay as cool as they can!
Happy Summer Reading~

Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Reliable, Safe Student Search Engine for your Learners

Here is a new student search engine, Sweet Search I just recently learned about and wanted to share.  It was created by school librarians and is a safer, more reliable search engine that allows students to search for topics that have been reviewed and approved by librarians and research experts.

Sweet Search also has niche search engines for more specific research ~ be sure and check this search engine out for your learners.

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