Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Writing Organization Folder~ For IEW Users

Here is our finished Writing Organization Folders for our IEW program. I had been working on these on and off this week and am now finished. I do plan on adding more as we move further into the units but do not want to add information that we have not used yet, in case it leads to confusion.
The idea behind these Writing Folders is to have a visual, tactile way of seeing the writing process. Each pocket provides/shows the next step within the IEW writing process.
Some benefits of using a pocket folder like this is:

* Keeping all writing assignments tidy in one place.
* Has visuals within the pockets to act as reminders in the KWO process and helps to build automaticity with the writing process of IEW.
* The boys can work on several assignments at any given time. ( we do not just write one KWO and follow through the whole process- we may at times, use different resources and write as many as 4 or 5 outlines if I see one of them is still having difficulty, this helps to not get "mucked up" in the process in feeling like each KWO has to have a write up, they don't - one step at a time.
* These folders can be especially helpful for special needs learners or anyone who gets caught up in the writing process, providing continuity and organization lessens the anxiety of writing and provides the steps in little chunks.
* Pasted visuals or posters inside the pockets helps to act as reminders and can be adapted to each child as to their weaknesses - each organizer may look different because your building this for YOUR learner, to help them with their needs and to their abilities.

I was delighted to hear from everyone and enjoyed the support and feedback from the ladies on the IEW group and the emails I received ~ I am glad this helps some and if I do add anything further I will be happy to share ideas~
NOTE: here is a link for an organizer you can get already made from Staples - the wonderful ladies on IEW posted about this great find~ I could see how it would take most of the work off and also I picked up a few for our unit study organization and also for lapbooking one pocket for each day of the week! :)

Some have emailed me about the items pasted on the organizer, those templates have been added to the Learners At Home website  look near bottom of attachment list~  so you can print those out if you would like also~ 

Happy Writing!

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