Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Reading ~ "Warriors Series" and something else too~

My almost 14 yo is absolutely hooked on the Warrior Series by Erin Hunter ( that actually turns out to be three authors in one, and Erin Hunter is the "pen name") ~ he had been introduced to this series from another homeschooler and was not sure if he would like it because it was about "cats".  He gave it a try anyway since he enjoyed the Seekers series so much.
Can I just say he loves it!
Now moving on my younger son really liked how his brother would explain about the story and really wanted to read this himself, he isn't quite there yet~ as the reading level is a bit more than I would want him to tackle at this point~ but today a friend on Facebook ( thank you Rhonda :)  ) really helped me out~ we had been talking about summer reads and the author James Patterson.
She gave me a link to a program that he has been working on called ReadKiddoRead.
It lists some great books and in looking at the transitional book section I found:

Catwings by Ursula LeQuin
It looks perfect for my guy and is a series as well~ we will try this one for sure!
I love the website and will refer back to it often~ be sure and check it out!

Happy Reading~


GinaG said...

Hi Tracey,
My kids have had the privilege of meeting Vicki Holmes (the main creator/editor/author of Warriors)twice. We just loved her! It was fascinating to learn from her how so many of these series are written by multiple authors (she told us that she also edits the very popular Rainbow Fairies series among others).

Glad your son likes Warriors. There is something about this series that triggers kids' creativity. When my elder daughter was into it she and her friends would write and perform plays based on the characters and now one of our local social groups is making their own movies based on the series that my younger daughter is hoping to get in on.

This is GREAT twaddle LOL.

Learners at Home said...

I will have to tell my son about your meeting the main author, he would LOVE that, and I agree it does stimulate their imagination, he began writing and making up his own characters also GREAT twaddle indeed! :)

Cindy K. said...

Thanks for the link for ReadKiddosRead.com! Looks like a great site! Alex Rider has read ALL of the James Patterson books for young people and loves them! He can't wait for more!

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