Friday, June 4, 2010

Peyton's School Days~

Click to play this Smilebox scrapbook: Peyton's School Days!
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Digital scrapbook made with Smilebox


Cindy K. said...

These SmileBox digital scrapbooks are WAY COOL! Why didn't you tell me about this program long ago?! They seem to provide the interactivity of a lapbook with the layouts and color of scrapbooks! I am going to check this out today! Good thing I haven't put the money down yet for Scrapbook Max! 2.0 (I already have 1.0).

Learners at Home said...

Cindy~ lol it wasn't a secret honest~ LOL I learned about these from Velma over on AKOL and where your on the group and were mentioning the scrapbook Max I just assumed you had known about this~ I just made these today.. they were fun~ and pretty easy for someone who IN NOT a techy like yourself :)
you can have and use the free basic version like I did or pay a small amount for updated versions ~ glad I posted this before you decided also~ !

Cindy K. said...

The AKOL Yahoo Group was becoming so busy that I had to stop receiving daily digests - there was just too much stuff to read and it was distracting me from my current focus! :) If I start chasing ALL of those links and recommendations for curriculum, I start second-guessing myself too much and become paralyzed from too much information!LOL!

I downloaded SmileBox and started playing with it a bit. It definitely doesn't have the flexibility and customization that Scrapbook Max has but it is very easy to use and might appeal to the boys more because of it. I might even use it for the boys' birthday party invitations! Another tool in the toolbox, I suppose. But there are so many tools and so little time! :)

Tomorrow is the boys' last soccer game of the season and looking at some of the sample scrapbooks has given me ideas of pictures I should take. Then I can create a scrapbook both in SmileBox and in Scrapbook Max and compare!

Learners at Home said...

I completely understand Cindy~ there is just SO much out there, I have realized this past year that I can zip over something and I kind of know now what will work and what would be well, a joke, lol.
My boys really need only certain kinds of programs for learning the rest is pretty much used as a spine and on the fly I guess you could say, I found some programs we can do that with and we are SO much happier than following a kind of "method" or "style" I hate being boxed in like that. I would rather just go with what works. So much out there doesn't really work or interest my boys, I tend to be able to be much more "choosy" I suppose you could say...
I LOVE your idea of birthday invites!~ I may do that too~ :) I just thought it was so neat had to try it and am using it for part of my portfolio with our evaluator today, just something different to show and fun~ :)
good luck comparing and keep me posted on which you like, or better yet write up a review and post it I may want the one you pick! :)

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