Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Literature Resource On-line~ Heritage History

This is a new site I just found out about and cannot believe the resources here for reading about particular topics in history. It is called Heritage History. It really has so much here, I cannot WAIT to show my guys when we get back to our formal studies.

From books online to read, images, timelines, specific wars etc.. there is a plethora of information here to show your learner. My boys just cannot seem to get enough about history and this they will absolutely love~ Hope some find this resource as helpful as I have found it.

Happy History !~


Cindy K. said...

I already have this one bookmarked! :) It is a wonderful site, isn't it? I am surprised you didn't see it posted in one of our numerous Yahoo Groups! :)

Learners at Home said...

Cindy, honestly I cannot believe I missed this gem! I was all excited to see some of the Helen Grueber Histories on the Baldwin Project and now this.. wow, this is just great and saves so much money for my history lovers ~ :)

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