Wednesday, June 9, 2010

An idea for Writing Organization~ using IEW methods

On another group others have children struggling with writing and were considering this "system"~ as I looked at this product P.R.E.P Writing Folder System we use IEW , but I could kind of see how I could alter this kind of organization to be used with IEW.

Because I have special needs learners I have found a few unique ways to use IEW~ my thoughts are using this folder organization to help them keep their work organized since we use IEW for several subjects this can help keep things more tidy and visually at a glance will know where they are in their writing for each writing resource.

At first glance this reminded me quickly of a mini-office for writing~ with one step further "pockets to be used for their "work in progress" ~

My thoughts are to use the pockets as follows:
Pocket 1: Writing Resource Copy ( this pocket can be all the writing resources we will use for particular topics in history and science and literature) Copies are made for them to work off of for their Outlines~ KWO's/Story Sequence Charts etc..
Pocket 2: Outlines from writing resources ~ KWO's, Story Sequence Charts
Pocket 3: Write up- draft from outline ( we do not worry when writing our first draft about the stylistic techniques/ dress ups at this time, we just write from the outline )
Pocket 4: Re-write from draft with stylistic techniques ( using IEW check lists)
Pocket 5: Edit/Proofread together ( modeling on wipeboard)
Pocket 6: Final Draft typed/written ( yes, you will notice I added another pocket )
I thought to accompany in this folder organizer some of the posters that are used, banned word lists, and a checklist guide that we use as we move along in the units. These can either be stapled to the back of a pocket or taped... The more I think this through the more I see how this could really help the boys understand the "process" and after a while become quite automatic in their writing.

another note about our writing at home: One other thing I also do for the boys that I wanted to share ( our evaluator this year LOVED this idea and will be using it with her students) is when working on a draft and we are at the stage where the draft is complete and it is time to then add in the stylistic techniques "I" or "they" make columns ( right now we are at three- one for each paragraph) at the bottom of the page and we write down the checklist for each paragraph as to what is needed. Since I started doing this with them and having them write it and do it right on the draft, they are now remembering the checklist much more and everything they need to remember is right on that page ( helpful for children with working memory issues). This has really launched their writing efforts ~ .

Happy Writing and Organizing !


Velma said...

Thanks for sharing this, Tracey. I liked the folder idea, too, and planned to adapt it to our needs. Thanks for the tips for tying it to IEW. Sounds great! Dana is not as much into producing "products" from his learning as your boys are, but he needs to move further in this area for his writing.

Your blog looks great lately. Love all the great pictures, layout and use of Smilebox! I have been meaning to tell you.

Learners at Home said...

Thanks Velma~ once I have this finished I will post pictures. I will also share how well it is working. That won't be for a bit since we are on summer schedule now :)
One thing also that I think will help with this kind or organization~ is breaking the writing down into "little chunks" something we are so often reminded to do with our sped learners. I think even this portion of breaking things down can really help this whole process.
Thanks for the kind words about the blog, took me a while to really get what I wanted, and now I am finally comfortable with how things are working~ now to start on my art blog ( eyes rolling) lol

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