Monday, June 21, 2010

Handwriting Practice~

The Homeschool Classroom has a great article about handwriting practice and ideas for not having to waste all those worksheets for practicing- I thought instantly of using this for our cursive handwriting since we really don't use worksheets for anything else~ 

Here are some sites I found to print off free worksheets for our cursive practice:
Super Worksheets, these I liked since we could work both capital and lower case letters separately. Different paper styles were also provided.
Home Education Resources, these were neat because I could see how a child would like to create his/her own book for cursive over the summer and color the pictures as well ~
Kidzone, these are great since they have the tracers to go along with the practice~ my guy will probably really like these.
Handwriting for Kids, join their email group and receive updates for free on things they add~ there are some great worksheets here to use. 
ESL Writing Wizard, create your own writing worksheet, great for practicing signatures
Handwriting Worksheet Creator, this creator covers the D'Nealian style as well
Zaner Bloser~ you can print fonts and paper work off this site 
Soft Schools- more great worksheets 
Donna Young Printables, I really like these as well~ 
Worksheet Works
We use several things for practicing our handwriting, to ease frustration in the very beginning I give him a wipebard with the lines already on it specifically made for handwriting. I found this at our local Walmart and we tend to use it all the time. 
I think for him he find it really helpful and really eases his frustration when learning a new letter or trying to connect letters. 

I also found a grade 3 (perfectly sized lines for his ability) at our local staples these are great thin books to use ~ one thing I really like about these that he also appreciates is keeping all his practice in one place and dated it allows for us both to his consistent progress and I think this really helps to keep him going also :) 

Happy Handwriting! 


Cindy K. said...

I really like StartWrite 5.0! It is so worth the money because you can type up/create sheets of any style, size, and any copywork! I plan to teach Italics this coming year with Penny Gardner's eBook, and then use StartWrite to create sheets using our Trail Guides copywork for practice. Just a thought!

Learners at Home said...

Thanks for the tip~ I will check this out~ :) I always seem to reap the benefits of your tips and ideas, lol ;)

Cindy K. said...

Likewise, I am sure! :) Like the tip on - way cool web site! Now if I knew what I wanted to make a WebQuest for and how to put it all together! Maybe I should upgrade to the Pro account and copy/change an existing WebQuest!

Learners at Home said...

OH I know~ looked so good~ lol I was looking at creating some also~ but for now I was thinking of having my son make some for his lego customizing.. he loves technology and so I thought this would be neat for him. :) For me, yes I need to think this out also, I was thinking of making one for spelling~ and reading.. :) when I have TIME... what webquests have you created..? care to share? would love to see them :)

Cindy K. said...

I have never created any WebQuests in the past. And while I have thought that they might be fun to do, I haven't even had the boys DO any WebQuests. The think I love about is how the WebQuest is laid out - it's very easy to follow this format, know what you are supposed to do, and know how to conclude the quest. I guess I could use some of the existing ones without have to modify them for myself...

Learners at Home said...

I must have misunderstood I thought you mentioned pulling webquests created together, so I assumed you had created some. I hope to do some, my older son has done a couple and he likes them and enjoys that it is interactive. :)

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