Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Younger Learners Organization ~

Since we have been talking about our new Workfile Folder System, I thought I would mention how my other son who is younger is quite happy with how we work and organize his home studies.

My boys can be very different and this seems to be true in just about every areas of learning for them. I kind of like that though, and I admire them for knowing what is working and sticking with it and seeing how something just isn't working and willing to make an effort in changing things and trying something that might work better. Imagine if we did this with all our children and ourselves? :)

I have already shared the weekly schedule we use for our youngest that he has helped me create for him. And now the picture shows exactly what "his area" looks like to hold all his structured studies.

He likes to use binders much more and create a portfolio if you will, of all the different things he creates and learns. He has explained that he plans to sit with our evaluator this year and "show her all his "things". I am sure she will just love it~ :)

He loves his cubby and this is where we keep all our smaller books, notebooks, journals and his clipboard which he uses to hold his weekly schedule, reading log and multiplication table chart or anything else he needs to get to quickly.

We really don't plan on changing anything since it runs very smoothly for him ~ I thought I would just share and give an example of just how different our learners at home can be.

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