Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Workfile System - for MOM the teacher~

So all this organizing I have been doing and planning for, kind of got me thinking about my own organization, in how I plan and prepare and also how I keep things and when I do keep something, how I cannot seem to find that something... ever been there? :)

I am a very visual person, I bet that would not come to a big surprise to many people who know me, being an artist by trade I kind of give that away I suppose. If I can see things I often tend to do better and stay more focused and get more accomplished.

I decided to copy my older son's Workfile Folder System idea and put it to work for me also.

I cleaned out my file cabinet ( gosh, let me tell you I had things in there from three years ago) and purged all the things I knew I would not use and things I had moved past and was no longer in need of.
I decided to keep this right on my desk in our school room, open and ready to be used at any time, just like my older sons Workfile Folder System.

I labeled each hanging folder according to their subjects. And also added a few more; Pending, Group work (for AKOL work), Learning Disabilities, Assessments/Development, Portfolio Info, Unit Studies, Holidays, Homeschooling Resources/Contacts etc... Then I added all my paperwork that I had pending or ideas I have for each subject/topic as we move along.
I even had room in the back of the File Folder Bin to add the lapbooks I plan on using that I had printed out previously and also my notebook with all our notebooking pages in page protectors that I can pull out at any time. wholah... organized ready to be added to and ready to use and not be forgotten like they were in the dark file cabinet :) ( BIG GRIN)

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