Sunday, May 9, 2010

Workboxes~Modified for our Teens

Ok, so I admit it, I am getting hooked on this concept. What seemed like an overwhelmingly lot of work is not seemingly not so overwhelming any longer.
I have been dabbling in this concept and learning more about this and Lisa's blog, The Joy of Learning really stuck in my head, I could see how this could help my older son who struggles with independent learning and organization. I have been using our new Pocket Assignment System and I can't tell you how well it has been working out. It is REALLY helping him manage his day, keeping him on task and making my planning much easier~ I love it and so does he!

So, having seen him work so much better like this I became to understand that a modified workbox system might just be the ticket to go along with our new Assignment Pocket System.

I even went ahead and joined the yahoo group for Workboxes to just sort of meet and learn more about this idea ~ I am still trying to see how I will be doing this because I will not be using boxes, but using hanging file folders instead for each subject and will be adding the assignments in each folder for the entire week.

My son is older so many of his things are in books reading and online work etc.. so I am not needing to fill bins with lots of manipulatives in many cases but plan on really taking advantage of this independent learning by adding some real fun to his day and a few surprises along the way too.

The idea I have of our system thus far, is to add five assignments in each folder. So the whole week will be laid out with all the assignments for him. Somewhat taking the place of a syllabus, if you will, and helping him establish better independence and time management and problem solving and practice in making decisions for himself. (like possibly doing an extra page or an extra chapter of reading in lieu of not doing it the next day because he wants to work longer on a computer assignment or an art piece)

Every week I was think we will take out the assignments completed and then on Sunday evening add the new for the week.

The boys like to keep all their finished work in binders because they enjoy notebook lapbooking and notebooking so it creates a wonderful portfolio of work at the end of the year they can look back on.. finished assignments will get added to these subject binders ~

My younger son is not needing this kind of organization. As I have explained before he is quite different from his older brother with different needs and abilities and is happy his brother likes these ideas but kindly let me know he was not interested and did not want to change what he had been doing with his routine. Which I completely agreed with , he is doing fantastic and his checklist of subjects and his subject cubby bin work quite well for him, there is no need to change things now. Peyton takes comfort in keeping things the same as most Aspies do ~ ;)

In looking further into this I found a few more links about Workboxes I thought I would share:
Directory of Workbox Bloggers
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A Mothers Journal

I am sure I will be doing lots of tweaking here and there~ and plan to share my ideas and thoughts with pictures as I go along.. I just picked up the file folder bin today and plan to slowly work on the system over this week so I will have picture to share along with thoughts and ideas.

After considering doing this over this past week or so ~ I really think this will help me also. Since my surgery it can be very hard some days teaching and trying to manage both boys. The independence my older son will gain from such a system will not only help him but also help me, just in case there may be some more days in the hospital or days I may not be as mobile as I need to be.. there are many advantages to this system so I hope you will join me in our new journey of a modified workbox system for my teen~ I am sure there will be surprises along the way, there usually always is~ ;)

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