Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing~

We just started reading "Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing" by Judy Blume ~ my youngest enjoyed reading 7x9 Trouble, by Claudia Mills I tried to find something that he might enjoy just as much~ we picked up Judy Blumes book and he was instantly hooked.
I found some sites with activities we could use while reading the books if we wanted:
4th Grade Language Arts~ from EANES
this has a few different books, some we also plan to read later but you can find information for this book by scrolling down the list of resources.
and some more ideas from Mrs. McGowan's Class and Mrs. Bogucki's 5th grade class
We will probably be studying turtles as well and learning more about poetry ~ He is really enjoying the book so far I am sure I will share some things we create while he is reading the books as well~

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