Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer Unit Study~ Plants and the Study of Botany

We will be doing a summer study on Botany also this year.
In researching this I wasn't exactly sure I would really be able to find interesting things having to do with this topic since my boys do not exactly get too excited about, well plants and flowers :)

I was wrong~ I found some great things to learn about and activities to do and share.

I think I could have kept on going with finding things to do, thankfully my Unit Study Planner I created help keep me on track and not over plan "too much" although I do think I added quite a bit of resources and activities. I just found so many great things I guess I didn't want to miss anything.
You can see the resources and activities I have here.

Here are some even more additional resources;
Kids Turn Central- Botany
Federal Resources for Educational Excellence
Know Plants
Botanists in Training

I have a hunch that we will be going back to this a few times because there is just so much information we can do and explore here in all these resources.
I would also like to go back and study more on trees also so I am sure this will be worked on further besides this one study we will be doing~ I tried, however, to keep most of the information around plants and flowers for right now all except a mini-unit on strawberries as well since strawberry picking time will be coming up really quick~ here in NH we pick in June so it will be just perfect~
here is some resources for learning about the strawberry:
Berry Berry Good
Strawberries and more

NOTE: I just recently found this Botany Lapbook over on Homeschool Share also~
I could keep on going but I will stop here~ happy strawberry picking!


butterfly said...

Hi Tracey!

I LOVE how organized your unit studies are! And I love how freely you share, thankyou.

Organization is NOT something that comes naturally to me. I work hard at it every day. And I'm SO trying to get better!

Next year I will be homeschooling 3 "officially" instead of 1. (Insert nervous shiver here!) I'm kinda excited, but really nervous. It's my trial run before I have to officially report for them to the district the following year. If it's OK with you, I'm going to tag along on your page. I think this summer we'll do strawberries and plants and make one combined unit (as we have a strawberry garden!) With a little creativity I can use this for both 5th and 2nd grades. Ideas?

And thanks!



Learners at Home said...

Nan, Hi there! I think that is great that I am able to help.. I seem to be getting a better "knack" for organizing lately, lol ~ I will keep on sharing anything else I do in that area and also if you do end up following along.. we can compare notes. I will be sure to post new things we end up doing as well~ :)

butterfly said...


I'm more than happy to avail myself of your "organizational expertise"...winks!

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