Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer Unit Study~ Birds and Birdwatching

I am gathering resources and activities for our summer units and thought as I do gather information and resources I might post and share them with everyone~this is just a brief overview of the unit, I just jot down quickly where I am headed~

Here is a template I created for our Science Unit Studies, a kind of planner that I use to gather my thoughts and help me organize just where I am going on a particular topic- this is just a brief overview of the unit, I just jot down quickly where I am headed. Once I complete this, I then go and research information to help me in what I think would be fun and interesting ~

Because I end up finding so many great things to work on I end up usually creating a document page of resources (you can find here) where I can add all the links and I keep this on my computer in a file so that it can be handy for me while we are working on something. I also print out a copy of this as well and staple it to the back of my Unit Study planner so I don't forget all the great sites and things I found to work on.

Happy Bird Watching!~


Fiddler said...

Thanks for the resources! I know we'll find them useful.

In addition to the books you mentioned, my kids also love the Lang Elliott bird books with cds of bird calls, such as Common Birds and Their Songs. I've also posted a list of owl resources here, if your boys get a yen for learning more about birds of prey as mine have done.

Cindy K. said...

Great, Tracey! Keep us posted on how your process works to plan this out!

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