Saturday, May 22, 2010

Organizing your Bookmarks - with Diigo

Over the past few weeks I have continued it seems with a "theme" of sorts. Organization~ so I thought why not share what I have been up to lately. Now that our formal studies have just about wrapped up this past week, I have been taking some time to organize all my book marks from my computer and from my online bookmarked sites and consolidating them all together.

Most recently a friend shared with me how she found a new bookmarking site she enjoyed for organizing all her bookmarks. It's called Diigo. She really liked it so naturally I wanted to check out what she had been talking about and I am SO glad I did take the time to look over and tour Diigo. I just love it.

I used Stumble Upon for quite a while but I really found it hard to use ( old version, that is) and for some reason when I needed to look and find something I just couldn't find it, I found many times I was better off googling the information. So I clearly could see for me, Stumble wasn't working. I also noticed that many things that had been bookmarked were not even tagged appropriately the way I had originally organized them, so this got to be very frustrating.

So, I finally just finished this past week moving all my bookmarks over from Stumble to Diigo and have been happily bookmarking ever since. I actually end up bookmarking much more often now since I can put them in folders for more specific "go to" information that I may need.

One other thing I really liked about Diigo is I could save PDF's also and when reading through a website I can highlight or add a sticky note on something which I find very handy. By having these things offered I don't have to re-read the whole article but can go directly to the information I am trying to get and it really saves me some time. ~

I still have to do all my bookmarks from my computer which I only just started a day or two ago and I am sure it will take a bit to do but there really isn't any rush. I am just really happy I found bookmarking tool, I may at some point look beyond the free version to see what else Diigo has to offer~ Be sure and check it out if you have been searching for an easy, dependable bookmarking option :)


Cindy K. said...

I had Diigo automatically add all of my bookmarks (Favorites) from Internet Explorer into it. It took a while to straighten out all of the tags that it created based on all of the folders I have, but it's cool now. And like you, I am bookmarking a lot more now, too, because the use of tags makes it a lot easier to find those bookmarks again later. I haven't used the highlighting a lot yet, but I have some. It's kind of cool, too, and I know that it will help me out a lot in the future.

I also downloaded the toolbar to go with it! It's a great site! Thanks for passing it on!

Learners at Home said...

I had seen you had Diigo when you subscribed to be a follower~ :) I really like it.. I did not go and have all my bookmarks loaded from IE because I want to go through them first, many I no longer am in need of or are dead also so this kind of gives me a way to sort them through and figure out am I really going to use it or is not? lol
I had some that I really no longer need or am using.. many were from when I was just starting out Homeschooling and are not worth keeping any longer.
Aren't you glad there is Diigo? lol :) makes life so much easier. :)

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