Thursday, May 13, 2010

History Scribe~

I just found out about this program~ never have seen it before. And as I have explained we do not do workbook pages or worksheets too much at our home, of course, there is always the exception.
I am finding most recently towards the end of this year my youngest is starting to love to write in workbooks so as usual, this could change :).
The closest thing we do to a work book would probably be their Learning Language Through Literature. But it doesn't have the redundant feel of an actual workbook method program.
Anyway, I'm getting off-track here- someone from our AKOL group just shared this "new to me" program and as I look at it I really like it and thought I would share.
I am not positive we will be using it for my oldest, but my younger son might really enjoy drawing and writing for his written narration.
He instinctively draws pictures when doing his written narration anyway, so this might inspire him to do a bit more~ Here is the link where you can find this program: Scribe System


Fiddler said...

I really like the looks of these curricula! I especially like History Scholar for older students. I don't think DS (12) is there yet, but the way things are organized visually is very appealing for my right-brained learners. Thanks for posting about the series!

Learners at Home said...

I am glad you find it helpful. The first thing I noticed is that it took alot of the work from me, which is always welcome~ With the History Scholar in the Table Of Contents you can also create your own, so they must give you blank pages. My one sons like drawing adding drawing to their learning to help with processing and remembering.. what combination :) and makes it fun too instead of those boring worksheets with multiple choice and such~ :)

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