Thursday, May 6, 2010

"Getting it" with Grammar ~

We have been talking over on the AKOL e-group about Spelling and now Grammar.

This is one area my older son can have real trouble with.  I am sure there are many reasons but I think the biggest reason, (besides his LD's) is that he just hates it. Simply put. He really, really doesn't like it. He sees no reason for it and feels he will never need to know all of this ever.

Depending on what he does with his life as an adult, he may be quite right. BUT, we are still going to learn proper grammar ( grin) he loves that idea.

One of our group members had been reading through our spelling conversation and jumped in to mention a new grammar program she is trying with her son. English Grammar Revolution -  I had a look at it and quite honestly could see my son maybe even "enjoying"  ( I say that lightly) practicing and learning grammar.

It never really occurred to me to introduce diagramming right away. I think this would really help him kind of separate things in his mind as to what words are used for which ~ he gets very confused with this and often will underline or add clauses instead of the actual verb or noun... I think this could really help. I am going to try this and wanted to share this with you just in case you were finding the same things happening and possibly check this out as well~  Thanks to my friend Maria who brought this to our attention, are friends just grand? :) 


Sparklee said...

Thanks for this link! I agree that learning grammar is important--no matter what you do in life, you have to communicate with others.

We are starting Junior Analytical Grammar next fall. I hope we like it!

BTW, I like your new look for the blog!

Learners at Home said...

Good luck with the new program~ I hope it works well, I have heard great things about it from everyone - and thank you for the kind words about my "new look"- finally found something that I liked~ :)

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