Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ancient Civilizations~ some online resources

We are working with Oak Meadow for our Ancient History and I was going through the syllabus and finding further resources for learning and exploring these topics.  I thought I would share some of those here:
We are using OM-6 and I wanted to share a few more online resources that correspond to the lessons;

Lesson 7:Ancient Persia - set of videos on Persia -videos brief history of Persian Empire- another video - Book online Alexander the Great

Lesson 8:Ancient India - video

Lesson 9:Ancient China video of china -video ancient china

Lesson 11: Ancient Africa leads to more sites also - videos on Africa, look to right side also for more~

Lesson 12: Ancient Crete - videos

Lesson 13:  Ancient Greece
on Baldwin Project: Story of the Greeks:
also, One of the recommended books for lesson 13 ( Ancient Greece) is The Golden Fleece & the Heroes Who Lived Before Achilles
you can find this book here:

Lesson 14: Ancient Rome
Baldwin Project: Story of the Romans:
Baldwin Project: Julius Caesar:
From Homeschool Helper a unit study:
Comprehensive site on Roman Empire:
Videos for learning about Ancient Rome
Pompeii History
An interactive dig - Pompeii
Pictures of Pompeii

I plan on working right through the OM syllabus and will share more as I work on them~

Happy Ancient History!

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