Friday, May 28, 2010

Writing~ with Scientists and an idea*

I found a really neat idea~ one that is not very often taught or is forgotten - science writing.
I recently found this neat site "Writing with Scientists" that I explored this morning and I just had to share. It is really great and what a perfect time to explore science writing while so much is going on all around us outside!
This link gives a kind of step by step process to science writing for the older elementary child and will be a huge hit in our house~
Try walking through it and listening to Dr. Susan Perkins speak of her topic of interest.
While listening to her audio, I had an idea~ I may begin this year using audio along with written resources for teaching stylistic techniques and dress ups in writing. Our writing program IEW uses many of these things and systematically teaches these techniques. Many times they will balk at having to "go back" and add those little things like "ly" words or a who/which or strong adjective to dress up their writing and polish it up some more.. my thought is with using an audio like Dr. Perkins and having the boys hear how her writing "sounds" and then we can go back and find "her" dress-ups,( ie., the ly word or the who/which or strong adjective ) this will give them insight to understand the "bigger picture" ( something my right-brained VSL learners thrive on) as to the "how" and the "why" of what we are doing when adding these specific things to our writing.
I think they will love it and can't wait to try this on the boys. Often I have tried things similar to this in the past with other topics and once they "understand the reasoning" to what is needed there really isn't any trouble any longer and they look to challenge themselves each time as they move forward in their involvement with the concept. I look forward to how this will work with them~ till next time, onward and upward :)

Drawing Tutorials~

My son really enjoys drawing.  Drawing and painting seems to be a favorite past-time in our house over the summer months.   I had seen this site, Drawing Now  posted earlier this week and was interested because it had tutorials for drawing many different kinds of things.  There are video tutorials to teach the learner how to draw specific things.  I could see how my sons would really enjoy this.  I believe they will be using this over the summer and thought I would share this fun site with everyone here ~

Happy Drawing !

Thursday, May 27, 2010

History - More on Ancient Civilizations~

Lesson 15 & 16: Ancient Rome
Baldwin Project: Story of the Romans:
Baldwin Project: Julius Caesar:
From Homeschool Helper a unit study:
Comprehensive site on Roman Empire:
Videos for learning about Ancient Rome
Pompeii History
An interactive dig - Pompeii
Pictures of Pompeii
Lesson 17: Christianity (this may vary from family to family, we, being Catholic I chose a few things to study our own history of our church) - various information
Lesson 18: Islam - this resource leads to other resources as well. - Islamic culture - video w/ 5 parts~ by National Geographic "Inside Mecca"

This completes the first book for Oak Meadow ~

Ancient Civilizations~ some online resources

We are working with Oak Meadow for our Ancient History and I was going through the syllabus and finding further resources for learning and exploring these topics.  I thought I would share some of those here:
We are using OM-6 and I wanted to share a few more online resources that correspond to the lessons;

Lesson 7:Ancient Persia - set of videos on Persia -videos brief history of Persian Empire- another video - Book online Alexander the Great

Lesson 8:Ancient India - video

Lesson 9:Ancient China video of china -video ancient china

Lesson 11: Ancient Africa leads to more sites also - videos on Africa, look to right side also for more~

Lesson 12: Ancient Crete - videos

Lesson 13:  Ancient Greece
on Baldwin Project: Story of the Greeks:
also, One of the recommended books for lesson 13 ( Ancient Greece) is The Golden Fleece & the Heroes Who Lived Before Achilles
you can find this book here:

Lesson 14: Ancient Rome
Baldwin Project: Story of the Romans:
Baldwin Project: Julius Caesar:
From Homeschool Helper a unit study:
Comprehensive site on Roman Empire:
Videos for learning about Ancient Rome
Pompeii History
An interactive dig - Pompeii
Pictures of Pompeii

I plan on working right through the OM syllabus and will share more as I work on them~

Happy Ancient History!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer Unit Study~ Oceans

One of our mid-summer units is going to be studying and learning about the Ocean.

This can be a really broad topic since the ocean alone is such a large ecosystem. However, I have tried to keep things on topic and directed toward more the living creatures that are in the ocean ~

That is not to say that we will not end up on a few "bunny trails" and that is ok too, I will at least have my planner to help put us back on track when we need to ~

Here are some resources I am going to be using:

Unit Study: OCEANS

Lapbooks, notebooking pages, mini books:

Hands of a Child Lapbook on Oceans Habitats

Hello Ocean Lapbook from HSS: - another FREE lapbook from My Homeschool Education~ - Dead Sea Lapbook

Games/Activities: - games in Oceanography

Art and Sea Mammal Study from Lighthome Publications Currclick:

General Links: -characteristics of the ocean - several ocean links for learning - lots of resources here - Jelly Fish Life Cycle


First Encyclopedia: Usborne Internet-Linked Seas and Oceans

Planet Earth: Life in the Ocean

Art & Videos:

Painting an ocean scene: - coral reef

You can find a copy of this as a page to print off over on the Learners at Home Website.

Summer Unit Study~ Life Cycles

Another unit that we chose this summer is Life Cycles. This will be more of a mini-unit, since when learning about many different topics the concept of the life cycles comes into play very often, but our youngest wanted to study more different life cycles so I decided to do a bit of digging and found a few things to do with him~

Here is some links and resources you may find helpful;


Simple Days Homeschool Freebie: This was a July Freebie on Life Cycles
Template for a Life cycle Wheel as we study different life cycles:

Life Cycles by Michael Ross at this link on Amazon scroll down further to find more books on lifecycles as well.
Usborne Internet Linked Enclopedia

General Links as Resources: lists life cycles for ants, animals, plants mosquitoes, butterflies, and even plants* (can use for Plant study) - Animal facts, printables and coloring pages

Videos of Life Cycles:

* You can find this list to print out or save on your computer with links at the Learners at Home Website, look under Unit Studies. ( see right toolbar, under "my pages".

Happy Learning~

Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer Unit~ LEGOS and the Company

My son LOVES Legos. He could use them and play with them and create all day long, literally.

So because of that I wasn't actually surprised that one of the things he wanted to learn about over the summer was, you guessed it LEGOS and their history and about their company etc... it seemed pretty logical. This was all his idea I never would have thought this one up~ :)

Here are some resources we plan to use for our Legos unit:
History of Lego
Lego timeline from Pause Magazine
Invention of the Lego
Lego Learning
* new link: Little Brick Schoolhouse Trivia
I also thought it would be a good time to explore businesses and how they work. Lesson Pathways in year number 3 of their history has a unit on Business and How they Work. You need to join and register, but it is free if you would like to check it out.

Happy Lego building ~

Summer Unit Study~ Plants and the Study of Botany

We will be doing a summer study on Botany also this year.
In researching this I wasn't exactly sure I would really be able to find interesting things having to do with this topic since my boys do not exactly get too excited about, well plants and flowers :)

I was wrong~ I found some great things to learn about and activities to do and share.

I think I could have kept on going with finding things to do, thankfully my Unit Study Planner I created help keep me on track and not over plan "too much" although I do think I added quite a bit of resources and activities. I just found so many great things I guess I didn't want to miss anything.
You can see the resources and activities I have here.

Here are some even more additional resources;
Kids Turn Central- Botany
Federal Resources for Educational Excellence
Know Plants
Botanists in Training

I have a hunch that we will be going back to this a few times because there is just so much information we can do and explore here in all these resources.
I would also like to go back and study more on trees also so I am sure this will be worked on further besides this one study we will be doing~ I tried, however, to keep most of the information around plants and flowers for right now all except a mini-unit on strawberries as well since strawberry picking time will be coming up really quick~ here in NH we pick in June so it will be just perfect~
here is some resources for learning about the strawberry:
Berry Berry Good
Strawberries and more

NOTE: I just recently found this Botany Lapbook over on Homeschool Share also~
I could keep on going but I will stop here~ happy strawberry picking!

Summer Unit Study~ Birds and Birdwatching

I am gathering resources and activities for our summer units and thought as I do gather information and resources I might post and share them with everyone~this is just a brief overview of the unit, I just jot down quickly where I am headed~

Here is a template I created for our Science Unit Studies, a kind of planner that I use to gather my thoughts and help me organize just where I am going on a particular topic- this is just a brief overview of the unit, I just jot down quickly where I am headed. Once I complete this, I then go and research information to help me in what I think would be fun and interesting ~

Because I end up finding so many great things to work on I end up usually creating a document page of resources (you can find here) where I can add all the links and I keep this on my computer in a file so that it can be handy for me while we are working on something. I also print out a copy of this as well and staple it to the back of my Unit Study planner so I don't forget all the great sites and things I found to work on.

Happy Bird Watching!~

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Organizing your Bookmarks - with Diigo

Over the past few weeks I have continued it seems with a "theme" of sorts. Organization~ so I thought why not share what I have been up to lately. Now that our formal studies have just about wrapped up this past week, I have been taking some time to organize all my book marks from my computer and from my online bookmarked sites and consolidating them all together.

Most recently a friend shared with me how she found a new bookmarking site she enjoyed for organizing all her bookmarks. It's called Diigo. She really liked it so naturally I wanted to check out what she had been talking about and I am SO glad I did take the time to look over and tour Diigo. I just love it.

I used Stumble Upon for quite a while but I really found it hard to use ( old version, that is) and for some reason when I needed to look and find something I just couldn't find it, I found many times I was better off googling the information. So I clearly could see for me, Stumble wasn't working. I also noticed that many things that had been bookmarked were not even tagged appropriately the way I had originally organized them, so this got to be very frustrating.

So, I finally just finished this past week moving all my bookmarks over from Stumble to Diigo and have been happily bookmarking ever since. I actually end up bookmarking much more often now since I can put them in folders for more specific "go to" information that I may need.

One other thing I really liked about Diigo is I could save PDF's also and when reading through a website I can highlight or add a sticky note on something which I find very handy. By having these things offered I don't have to re-read the whole article but can go directly to the information I am trying to get and it really saves me some time. ~

I still have to do all my bookmarks from my computer which I only just started a day or two ago and I am sure it will take a bit to do but there really isn't any rush. I am just really happy I found bookmarking tool, I may at some point look beyond the free version to see what else Diigo has to offer~ Be sure and check it out if you have been searching for an easy, dependable bookmarking option :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

American Journeys~

American Journeys

I have explained in the past how my boys really enjoy history. They could learn and read about it each and every day and I doubt ever tire of it.

I recently found this site and wanted to share it because after having researched throughout the site, it really has a great deal to offer in the areas of early exploration and early American history.

This site has actual accounts of early explorers and documents and books for further in-depth learning about a particular date in history or person.

The historical accounts and books go right up to approximately the mid 1800's. There is lots of unique information here for anyone who has a passion for history~

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Physics Central~ a great resource for science minded learners

I had seen this science resource from a teaching newsletter I receive called Free Technology for Teachers and I am so hooked on this great newsletter.
I always find something we can use or I can learn about~
I really enjoyed learning about this site, it has alot information to offer in many different areas and is very visual in content for my visual learners~

FREE Homeschooling High School Webinar

FREE Homeschooling High School Webinar

Friday, May 14, 2010

Aesop's Fables~ an online reference

We have been working slowly through our Unit III practice for our Story Sequence Chart for creating short stories with IEW. My boys really enjoy using Fables for this writing exercise so I went searching for an on-line resource to be able to quickly go on and have them search for a story they would like to work on for their writing resource.

This is a really great simple site for them to use. It is called Aesop's Fables Online Collection. It has quite a few Fables to choose from and many are quick and easy to read so that they can get right to their writing practice.

Here are a few other sites I found for more fables and also for units working with fables.
Story Book Castle - this has many too~
Easy Fun School's Unit Study on Fables

Happy Writing~!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

History Scribe~

I just found out about this program~ never have seen it before. And as I have explained we do not do workbook pages or worksheets too much at our home, of course, there is always the exception.
I am finding most recently towards the end of this year my youngest is starting to love to write in workbooks so as usual, this could change :).
The closest thing we do to a work book would probably be their Learning Language Through Literature. But it doesn't have the redundant feel of an actual workbook method program.
Anyway, I'm getting off-track here- someone from our AKOL group just shared this "new to me" program and as I look at it I really like it and thought I would share.
I am not positive we will be using it for my oldest, but my younger son might really enjoy drawing and writing for his written narration.
He instinctively draws pictures when doing his written narration anyway, so this might inspire him to do a bit more~ Here is the link where you can find this program: Scribe System

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Workfile System - for MOM the teacher~

So all this organizing I have been doing and planning for, kind of got me thinking about my own organization, in how I plan and prepare and also how I keep things and when I do keep something, how I cannot seem to find that something... ever been there? :)

I am a very visual person, I bet that would not come to a big surprise to many people who know me, being an artist by trade I kind of give that away I suppose. If I can see things I often tend to do better and stay more focused and get more accomplished.

I decided to copy my older son's Workfile Folder System idea and put it to work for me also.

I cleaned out my file cabinet ( gosh, let me tell you I had things in there from three years ago) and purged all the things I knew I would not use and things I had moved past and was no longer in need of.
I decided to keep this right on my desk in our school room, open and ready to be used at any time, just like my older sons Workfile Folder System.

I labeled each hanging folder according to their subjects. And also added a few more; Pending, Group work (for AKOL work), Learning Disabilities, Assessments/Development, Portfolio Info, Unit Studies, Holidays, Homeschooling Resources/Contacts etc... Then I added all my paperwork that I had pending or ideas I have for each subject/topic as we move along.
I even had room in the back of the File Folder Bin to add the lapbooks I plan on using that I had printed out previously and also my notebook with all our notebooking pages in page protectors that I can pull out at any time. wholah... organized ready to be added to and ready to use and not be forgotten like they were in the dark file cabinet :) ( BIG GRIN)

Younger Learners Organization ~

Since we have been talking about our new Workfile Folder System, I thought I would mention how my other son who is younger is quite happy with how we work and organize his home studies.

My boys can be very different and this seems to be true in just about every areas of learning for them. I kind of like that though, and I admire them for knowing what is working and sticking with it and seeing how something just isn't working and willing to make an effort in changing things and trying something that might work better. Imagine if we did this with all our children and ourselves? :)

I have already shared the weekly schedule we use for our youngest that he has helped me create for him. And now the picture shows exactly what "his area" looks like to hold all his structured studies.

He likes to use binders much more and create a portfolio if you will, of all the different things he creates and learns. He has explained that he plans to sit with our evaluator this year and "show her all his "things". I am sure she will just love it~ :)

He loves his cubby and this is where we keep all our smaller books, notebooks, journals and his clipboard which he uses to hold his weekly schedule, reading log and multiplication table chart or anything else he needs to get to quickly.

We really don't plan on changing anything since it runs very smoothly for him ~ I thought I would just share and give an example of just how different our learners at home can be.

Modified Workfile Assignment System for our Teen Part 3

Besides actually writing up the assignments on the Workfile Assignment Sheet, I believe we are about finished. It looks rather simple, but in showing my middle schooler how this is going to work~ he was very receptive.

Basically, I have used hanging folders for each subject he has for school. I tried to color coat the folders as best I could so that it would be easier for him to pull out which subject he needs.

In each hanging folder there will be his Work File Assignment Sheet which I posted about previously. On this sheet it will have his assignments for the entire week. When he finishes his assignment for the day he can then go over and use his "Pocket System" and add the completed subject into the red checked mark pocket so he knows "visually" his subject is done for they day.

He also can choose to skip a subject and clip the card to a clothespin for work to do later in the week~ this enables him to have a bit more "wiggle room" and also teaches time management and more independent learning.

Besides the Work File Assignment Sheet he will also have any other items needed for the week to complete his assignments, notebook pages, lapbook folds, booklets, books, notes for website resources etc... I have put all his larger books to the back of his hanging folders, so this way he has everything he needs in one central location and he is not going all over looking for items.
He will still be getting his own materials for crafts, writing etc.. Where he is older I would much rather have him doing these things and afterwards cleaning up his own mess and such rather than adding all of these little things to his folders.

As I was setting up his subjects, I saw I needed a way to track his typing a bit more. He types each day and I wanted to be able "on paper" to have him track his progress so I created this typing assessment chart, which later on, he will then create a graph for so he can really "see" his progress and improvement.

I think we are about finished with this planning. If I do decide to add any further things I will be sure to share, but for now, this looks like it will fit him just fine and for him, simpler is much better than fancy :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Workboxes~Modified for our Teens - PART 2 Our Workfile Assignment System~

I have been working on this a bit over the weekend and just finished adding all the hanging folders to the file folder bin and now have finished our Weekly Filefolder Assignment Sheet.

I uploaded this to the Learners At Home website you can find the page here. It is also uploaded to my Homeschool Launch Page in the blue box on the right hand tool bar if you would like to see a more clear image.

I needed something that I could add to each folder that would have the book resource or resources (sometimes we use more than one) and the assignment that is needed for that day. I added the date also in case I wanted to jump ahead a bit and go out further with assignments for a few weeks.

Once I have the file folder bin finished I will be sure to share pictures ~

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Workboxes~Modified for our Teens

Ok, so I admit it, I am getting hooked on this concept. What seemed like an overwhelmingly lot of work is not seemingly not so overwhelming any longer.
I have been dabbling in this concept and learning more about this and Lisa's blog, The Joy of Learning really stuck in my head, I could see how this could help my older son who struggles with independent learning and organization. I have been using our new Pocket Assignment System and I can't tell you how well it has been working out. It is REALLY helping him manage his day, keeping him on task and making my planning much easier~ I love it and so does he!

So, having seen him work so much better like this I became to understand that a modified workbox system might just be the ticket to go along with our new Assignment Pocket System.

I even went ahead and joined the yahoo group for Workboxes to just sort of meet and learn more about this idea ~ I am still trying to see how I will be doing this because I will not be using boxes, but using hanging file folders instead for each subject and will be adding the assignments in each folder for the entire week.

My son is older so many of his things are in books reading and online work etc.. so I am not needing to fill bins with lots of manipulatives in many cases but plan on really taking advantage of this independent learning by adding some real fun to his day and a few surprises along the way too.

The idea I have of our system thus far, is to add five assignments in each folder. So the whole week will be laid out with all the assignments for him. Somewhat taking the place of a syllabus, if you will, and helping him establish better independence and time management and problem solving and practice in making decisions for himself. (like possibly doing an extra page or an extra chapter of reading in lieu of not doing it the next day because he wants to work longer on a computer assignment or an art piece)

Every week I was think we will take out the assignments completed and then on Sunday evening add the new for the week.

The boys like to keep all their finished work in binders because they enjoy notebook lapbooking and notebooking so it creates a wonderful portfolio of work at the end of the year they can look back on.. finished assignments will get added to these subject binders ~

My younger son is not needing this kind of organization. As I have explained before he is quite different from his older brother with different needs and abilities and is happy his brother likes these ideas but kindly let me know he was not interested and did not want to change what he had been doing with his routine. Which I completely agreed with , he is doing fantastic and his checklist of subjects and his subject cubby bin work quite well for him, there is no need to change things now. Peyton takes comfort in keeping things the same as most Aspies do ~ ;)

In looking further into this I found a few more links about Workboxes I thought I would share:
Directory of Workbox Bloggers
Working with Workboxes and Do I need One?
Our Busy Homeschool
A Mothers Journal

I am sure I will be doing lots of tweaking here and there~ and plan to share my ideas and thoughts with pictures as I go along.. I just picked up the file folder bin today and plan to slowly work on the system over this week so I will have picture to share along with thoughts and ideas.

After considering doing this over this past week or so ~ I really think this will help me also. Since my surgery it can be very hard some days teaching and trying to manage both boys. The independence my older son will gain from such a system will not only help him but also help me, just in case there may be some more days in the hospital or days I may not be as mobile as I need to be.. there are many advantages to this system so I hope you will join me in our new journey of a modified workbox system for my teen~ I am sure there will be surprises along the way, there usually always is~ ;)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

"Getting it" with Grammar ~

We have been talking over on the AKOL e-group about Spelling and now Grammar.

This is one area my older son can have real trouble with.  I am sure there are many reasons but I think the biggest reason, (besides his LD's) is that he just hates it. Simply put. He really, really doesn't like it. He sees no reason for it and feels he will never need to know all of this ever.

Depending on what he does with his life as an adult, he may be quite right. BUT, we are still going to learn proper grammar ( grin) he loves that idea.

One of our group members had been reading through our spelling conversation and jumped in to mention a new grammar program she is trying with her son. English Grammar Revolution -  I had a look at it and quite honestly could see my son maybe even "enjoying"  ( I say that lightly) practicing and learning grammar.

It never really occurred to me to introduce diagramming right away. I think this would really help him kind of separate things in his mind as to what words are used for which ~ he gets very confused with this and often will underline or add clauses instead of the actual verb or noun... I think this could really help. I am going to try this and wanted to share this with you just in case you were finding the same things happening and possibly check this out as well~  Thanks to my friend Maria who brought this to our attention, are friends just grand? :) 

For Sale items added to new page~

Its that time of year when we are cleaning things out. I started mine last week and have been slowly going through things we no longer are using and have finished.

The list is not complete and I will be adding more as I go through things~ see the For Sale page if your interested in looking ~ :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Already thinking of Summer~ making plans

We are already thinking of Summer ~ it is early but being the beginning of May and where portfolios are due for us the first week in June, it's about right.

We have had some really warm days and I just can't wait to be able to run around barefoot in the grass and enjoy a picnic outside on our front porch~ the bbq's and baseball games on the radio, oh I could go on....

I have been thinking of things we are going to be doing for summer. While we do stop our traditional studies we do begin our summer (which starts in June for us) with unschooling and delight directed learning, (well somewhat).

Right about this time of the year (I can say that now since we will be going into our fourth year of learning at home) - I end up keeping a close eye on the boys interests and sometimes we may sit and have a chat about what we wish to do for projects or unit or literature studies.

This year the boys have taken me by surprise~ they have been coming to me asking me and letting me know what they wish to work on~ here are some things they have come up with that we will be doing:
13 Year Old - Chemistry, lapbook and experiments, setting up a lab etc..
- Oceans, lapbook and some field trips out to the beach for further exploration
- Rockets & Fire Works- we plan on building some rockets and setting them off -
Dad plans on helping out with this unit, not sure who will have more fun him or
the boys. (wink)
- Coordinates - wants to learn all about them to help him in his video games
- Scratch - this is a programming tool that he has wanted to do for the longest time.
- Studying Pop Rocks - I think this falls into chemistry again.. I see a pattern
starting here :) He wants to know what makes pop rocks pop and how they work.
- Stock Market, how it works and wants to give his hand a try~ says he has some
"ideas" :)

11 Year Old - Birds Study - ( my nature boy who loves animals) wants to study all the birds
in our backyard, we already have begun setting up feeding stations etc..
- Life Cycles - (again my animal lover) wants to learn about lots of life cycles of
- Oceans Study, plan to also incorporate a Art/Sea Mammal Study too and possibly
dabble a bit in marine biology for my guy~ :)
- Rockets and Fire Works, he will want to do this with big brother and dad
- Research a business - wants to learn all about the company LEGO and also
VELCRO how they began etc.. patents...

We may be adding more to the list I was thinking of kind of going with BFIAR for the summer but these may keep us very busy indeed.

Most days for our summer, we end up reading in the afternoon, right after lunch so they can keep up with their reading skills and fluency, (this can be quite important to do while working with dyslexics) and I also was planning on having them maybe 15 minutes before or after dinner work an online game for their math facts just to keep things fresh in their memory.

Now to gather resources for our units which I will try and share as I get the information pulled together~ Summer is almost upon us and we are ready for every drop!

Posters for Learning Grammar!

I am in the middle of creating posters for our bulletin board and decided to share them as I create them. I had gotten the idea of having something up and visual from our IEW writing program. Andrew explains having these things up to look at often can be very helpful so I decided (as I so often do) to create a few other things that may help them along in their writing and grammar~ this was one I created today~ I have added these to my homeschool launch profile as well as the learners at home website too.

Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing~

We just started reading "Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing" by Judy Blume ~ my youngest enjoyed reading 7x9 Trouble, by Claudia Mills I tried to find something that he might enjoy just as much~ we picked up Judy Blumes book and he was instantly hooked.
I found some sites with activities we could use while reading the books if we wanted:
4th Grade Language Arts~ from EANES
this has a few different books, some we also plan to read later but you can find information for this book by scrolling down the list of resources.
and some more ideas from Mrs. McGowan's Class and Mrs. Bogucki's 5th grade class
We will probably be studying turtles as well and learning more about poetry ~ He is really enjoying the book so far I am sure I will share some things we create while he is reading the books as well~

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