Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Weekly Lesson Checklist & Schedules

While working with my other learners Pocket Assignment System I decided to adjust my other learners weekly schedule as well for next year and the remaining of this year.

This schedule is helpful because he can go right to it and it keeps him on track completely when it comes to his studies and what is needed. I work closely with this child so you will notice I do not have times and specifics as to what we are learning because we do, work so closely together it is not necessary. As he grows and becomes more independent in his learning I may add more but, it is hard to say, because he is learning to know exactly what is expected of him and really sets his own pace which is really what I am aiming for anyway.

You will notice in Math he has three different programs~ that is because he now LOVES math and believe it or not wishes to work all three, not every day, but works usually works Horizons three days a week while he will work Teaching Textbooks for two days and we use MOTL whenever we are introducing a new topic, always, because for him this seems to work best.

Example of my older son's schedule (note that there is times specified to help with tasks and time management). This schedule works best for him, we have been working this schedule for quite a while now (all except for the past two weeks where we blocked our studies where we only worked History and Science for two weeks, which was SUCH FUN) - we really need to continue to do that once in a while~ for next year.

* a special thank you to Cindy for sharing with me her excel doc in helping me create my own version (still learning, but getting better! ) *

Happy Planning and Organizing~

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