Monday, April 12, 2010

Science ~ Amphibians Notebooking Page and Frogs~

We are doing a unit on Frogs and learning more about Amphibians. I have created two new notebooking pages that you can find on the Learners at Home Website or over at Homeschool Launch~
When checking out the Learners At Home Website scroll down to the subject your looking for, in this case it would be for Science and you will see my pages.
When using Homeschool Launch you will see on my left side of my Learners at Home Blog updated pages I have created so you can stay updated as I create them~ and click on each to have a look.

For these pages we were using the books;
"Natures' Children Series, Frogs " ( you can find this series in most libraries in your area)and also an old book I had on our shelf called "Wonders of Living Things".

further resources~ lapbooks etc...

Dynamic 2 Moms~ a great lapbook on toads and some frogs
Homeschool Share- lapbook and unit on frogs
Homeschool Helper lapbook on frogs

All About Frogs and Toads
42 Explore Frogs
Frogs and Toads Handbook
You tube videos of frogs and toads
Life Cycle of frogs

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