Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Organizing: Our Two-Child Lesson Planning Sheet-

Here is my most recent lesson planner page I had created for me. I tend to get really frustrated because I can never find a planner or something that works well for me. I know what "I need" but could never seem to find just the right thing. ( I added an extra page just in case I needed to write more.. the nice thing about the smaller boxes? You won't OVERPLAN, like I do sometimes. :)

I realized working with my journals I use daily ( where I hand write in what we do for each subject, a habit I picked up while working the OG program for Wilson Reading System) - (will share some of that later ) that I just needed to be able to quickly write down notes to keep me on track as to our direction and something I could glance at quickly ( I am visual too) and not have to pull out a book for each child as I go to see where we are headed.

This seems like it will fit my need nicely so I wanted to share with some of you just in case you were searching for something like this as well. I have added this to the Learners At Home website (found on right hand side under my pages- under lesson plan templates ) I did not make this into a PDF this way, you can go ahead and save it and alter it as you need to for your own use~ :) There is a website you might have heard about that also has many templates for organizing Donna Young Homeschool. com - you might find something there as well.

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