Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Journals-

In the last post I mentioned how I use Journals as a way of documenting what we have done and how I kind of learned this from my days with working with The Wilson Reading Program. This is an OG based program whereby your creating lesson plans and documenting progress and "trouble spots" as you move along with the child.

I needed a way to remember at times what we might have worked on. This is not a state requirement here in New Hampshire but I wanted to do this as a way of tracking their work a bit more closely.

It is nothing at all fancy, just two spiral notebooks ( I used one for each child) that I write in daily adding the date and the subject and basically just what we did - it is also a great way for tracking progress with say a program like All About Spelling- or trouble spots in math or help in creating the child's individualized spelling list that Ruth Beechick suggests in here program Learning Language Arts Through Literature.

Perhaps some may find this helpful in their own home school organization and tracking, I know for me, I would never be able to function without this ~ :)

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Joli said...

What a great idea! thanks for sharing with pictures.


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