Monday, April 12, 2010

History with author Edward Egglestons book~

I had mentioned we were going to be starting out reading Edward Egglestons book~ " The History of the United States and its People". I don't think I realized how much my son would enjoy it.
I decided to work through the whole book now and have created some notebooking pages you can see to the left of the blog at the homeschool launch site and also on my website Learners at Home. Just scroll down to the History section and you will see them there.
I am hoping to do one for each chapter as we move along.
Today my son read about four chapters~ he really liked it and we learned a bit more about these early explorers so I am glad we back tracked a bit before moving right into the Jamestown activities.
I will add the notebook pages as we do the chapters so if your interested be sure to book mark my website because I will add them there first as we go along.


Cindy K. said...

What is the easiest way to make the notebooking pages that you have made? I mean, with the lines going across, and such? These resemble some of the pages that we use from our Paths of Exploration curriculum, but it would be great to make some of our own when we don't like what is provided! I see that you use Microsoft Word, but do you use any special tools for the lines? What kind of spacing do you use for the lines?

Learners at Home said...

Hi there Cindy~ I run into the same problem with not really liking what we have and then I end up making things for us~ Your right I use Microsoft Word and just by playing around have kind of gotten a better "hand" at making these.
I do not use tables for the lines, although I am told by many that it is the easiest way to make straight and consistent lines, once you make the table you go back and erase the parts of the table you do not want. For me that just doesn't work,
Here are some tips I can give you.
1. I right away adjust my page so that I have my margins spread as far as they can go usually 5left 5right 3 top and 3 or 5 bottom. I do this in Page set up.
2. I use mostly textboxes for my headings or the automatic shapes once I pull and stretch them with the arrows I go inside the box or banner and right click and click on Add Text and then add my words.. dbl clicking around the shape will give you the box to change lines, colors etc..
3. For pictures I again use a text box and then copy and paste into the text box.
4. For my lines I just go and click on my lines in the bottom tool bar and click and drag exactly where I want them.
Hope this helps a bit, if I have time and your looking to do something you can always let me know and I can see if I can do it for you ~ :)

Cindy K. said...

I just realized last night, while thinking about this, that Notebooking Pages are just another form of Written Narration! Wow, what a thought! I never made the connection in the past!! We have done oral and written narrations this year and often I just have them add the written narration into their virtual notebook, OneNote, on the PC. But now, I can make up a "Notebooking" page that has an image or some other nicety on it, put that in their notebook and tell them to do their written narration on there! What a concept!

Thanks for the offer for help. First I am going to start with a program that I have rarely used and would like to use more - Scrapbook Max. I can create a really fun-looking page with blocks for writing, almost like Lapbooking but on the computer, and then "Print to OneNote" that page so they can use it for their narration. Maybe that will also get them more interested in creating their own narration/notebooking page and want to learn to use the program! Cool! Thanks!

Learners at Home said...

There you go! Yes I made this connection when I saw notebooking, this automatically helped me realize, we don't need worksheets any longer or workbooks, lol History Scribes is probably the closest thing I have come to seeing a program that shows how we do written narration, with pictures and writing.. I will post on this soon~ you might like it.. the one thing I did like about it is it takes some of the work off of me~ :)

Cindy K. said...

I have some History Scribe samples but I always figured "they won't write anything for this kind of stuff". But that was before this year of oral narrations and the eventual move to written narrations. I often use a written narration assignment as a way to verify to me that they read the assignment while I was at work. After we got in the habit of doing oral narrations it was easy to assign written narrations and have them understand what I meant.

I guess it just takes me longer than most to make these kinds of connections! ;)

Learners at Home said...

sure~ :) that is why I really find no reason to "test" them on material, it is all right there. The understanding and processing. ;) I like it because it is so much more natural.
And as for taking longer than most... I have my moments, only took me nearly three years to get organized! lol :)

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