Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Grammar Practice Game~

We had been working our LLATL the other day and we came upon a game in my son's lesson to practice parts of speech~ in this game, we practiced using nouns and adjectives and the boys enjoyed the review ~
I plan to add more parts of speech to our pile, - articles, adverbs, verbs, conjunctions etc... for them to practice.
Here is how we played:
(it is simple to adjust this for any age by adding more or less categories and words to the game)

*cut these out and place on table.
*create words that would match these categories.. you can add as many categories or as little as you wish...
*cut out each word and place face down
* I created some blank ones so that the boys had to make up their own and place it correctly too.
*each player reads the word and places it in the correct category
* each one correct is a point.
* the player with the most points wins
4/21/10 ~ update you can find a quick template to use that I created here.
It was fun and a neat, quick way to practice parts of speech~ !

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ukkiwi said...

Thanks you for sharing this.

New Zealand

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