Monday, April 19, 2010

Early American History - Colonial Times

We had been working through our lessons in Early American History and I was creating some notebook pages for our lessons. The boys are both working two separate paths toward this topic so we have a chance to then come together looking at this time period in history at different angles.
If interested in the most recent notebooking pages, you can find those in the "my pages" section in the right side ~ the most recent are listed in the box from Homeschool Launch.

As we worked further in our Lesson 5 of Oak Meadow Syllabus I decided I would try and find a map whereby my youngest could color and add may some information and also to help as a visual so he understood exactly where and whom we were talking about.

I happened upon some really comprehensive resources and wanted to share them with you.
In attempting to find a map we would could work from I found this link resource from Eduplace.
And then also this plethora of information from the site - Discovery, Exploration, Colonies and Revolution
Through this site (above) I wanted to find something that gave us a clear visual of what was going on with the newly aligned territories for the boys so they could see for themselves how settelments began to build between the Colonies and the Spanish~ I found this and my boys could see quite clearly how things began to change for the early settlers.
Here is another map lesson for learning about the 13 colonies also for younger children.

Here is some interactive/games to use from the Mrs. Nussbaum site. I was really shocked to find this and I know my youngest will love these~

This is a perfect time for us to jump more heavily into US Geography~ and while we always work geography while learning history I found this CD by Amy Pak ( we love her lessons) and plan to work these as we move along with our American History.

A "new to us" book series: In their Own Words Scholastic ~ we found a book for reading and learning more about Pocahontas.
Just thought I would share these "neat finds" ~ and I will continue to share the notebooking pages I create as we work further into our American History.

Note: I just found this on Currclick a unit on the Colonies for only .50 cents.

Happy History~

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