Wednesday, March 3, 2010


We started our new Science today~ Oak Meadow and my youngest was not too sure he was going to be "too interested" in learning about Scientific Inquiry~ I have to admit I wasn't really excited about teaching it either~ :S.

But we opened up our binder and started reading and I had a few things I wanted to incorporate with him;
I had recently picked up a used copy of Write Source 2000 Student Handbook it is a really helpful guide (for 6th grade approximately) and I had been reading through it one day and I happened upon a section on classroom skills that talked a bit about note taking... it explained some unique how to's and why's of note taking so I decided to try this out with my little guinea pig..( I use my youngest first before I attempt it on my older son, lol )

It explained how only writing on half the page is helpful so that the learner can go back and add more notes if they need to for vocabulary or special reminders, etc..

I decided to take his science journal and fold the page in half so it makes an automatic line in the page and we began our notes… afterwards while reading along with our book we then went over the new information once again and went over any “new words” he may not have known.. if there were some he did not know we used colored markers and wrote over on the left hand side of the page to explain the new words and also added even more color for helpful reminders like a mnemonic (these are always very helpful to him) when we were about finished he really liked how his “notes” turned out and was quite pleased with himself.

While learning about Scientific Inquiry I was pleased as we read on how OM took us to a more comfortable “spot” –which talked about birds and comparing bird beaks etc… this made him feel much more comfortable with learning this new material and understanding of scientific inquiry and he enjoyed finding pictures of birds and sorting them according to their bird beaks and explaining why birds have different beaks.. it helped him to make connections and made a lot of sense to him as an example of how and what we do when we perform a scientific inquiry.

Today was a very good first day with our Oak Meadow ~

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